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Hi Everyone,


I have a client who wants to use the WHMCS product to share and sell downloadable documents whilst keeping a track of purchases and providing a client area.


We want to achieve the following and realise there is a bit of customisation involved here.


  1. All the files are so far uploaded into the support download area
  2. To download. User should search the shopping cart (cart.php)
  3. Select and purchase downloadable items/products/services

We thought the WHMCS product handles the billing side of things very well whilst being very user friendly.


We have briefly looked at other products which have been made for this very purpose but they prove to be either too expensive, look unprofessional and/or do not handle the billing or client area very well.


Although WHMCS is mainly aimed and developed for the web/domain hosting community it does have great scope and with a little customisation therefore can be used for this purpose too.


We have looked at the API Functions to see if we could use this to expand on WHMCS to allow us to achieve our goal.


Unfortunately we have hit a stumbling block as the API Functions we are looking for need to allow the user to search available downloads perhaps using a few fields from the download database or the cart database. Then select and purchase in the normal way.


Surely, all we really need to do is to create a searchable field and insert it into the cart area, no?




  1. Has anyone out there customised WHMCS to this extent?
  2. Has anyone out there come across perhaps another application that allows for this feature?
  3. What would be involved in order to achieve this?

I really hope someone out there can point us in the right direction and we prefer to use this product as we believe it can work for us much better than others out there on the market which are purpose built.


Many Thanks

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