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Problem adding domain manually


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I followed the excellent instruction for adding a domain manually. However, when I get to the final step of adding the domain to the client. It appears that WHMCS is trying to register the domain, and throws up an error. The error is always present.


"Registrar Error Authentication Error. . . . . " And displays the normal whois registration text"




1. On the client summary page, click the “Add New Order” link in the Actions panel 2. The client will be preselected, so you should fill out the rest of the form – begin by choosing the payment gateway you want the client to pay with 3. Leave the Product/Service dropdown menu set at None 4. Leave the Billing Cycle dropdown menu set at Monthly 5. Enter the domain in the Domain text field and select Register as the Domain Registration Option (even though you aren’t intending to register it today) 6. Choose the number of years you next want the client to be invoiced for at the time of renewal and tick any addons the user has for their domain 7. Ensure both tick boxes for sending an order confirmation and generating an invoice are unchecked so the user is not emailed about the order you are adding 8. Finally, set the Order Status dropdown to Active and then click the submit button to add the order to WHMCS 9. You will now been shown the order screen summarizing the details of the order you just added 10. Now as the final step, you must go to the domain’s information page to enter the correct next due and expiry dates as well as selecting the registrar the domain is registered with if using one of the built in registrars. To do this, from the order screen, click on the link in the Type column of the items ordered – this will take you straight to the details screen.


You have now finished adding your client. By following the steps above, your client will have not been notified that you’ve added them and will now be invoiced by WHMCS prior to the next due date for the items you have added to their account.

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First of all. That error: "Registrar Error Authentication Error. . . . . " And displays the normal whois registration text"


this seams to me that you have not place the correct Authentication data like username and password or client ID for the registrar of domains and this do not have to do anything with the WHMCS.


The steps you follow are likely the ones needed to add a client and then a domain as a new order and the client do not notice that the order was place in the client's account.


Another possibility is that the domain registrations are not monthly but annually. This could be an error too.


I hope this helps.

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