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Payment reminder merge


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Hi Guys,


I am wondering if there is a way I can send reminders that include all overdue amounts on the account rather than sending per individual invoice. Some clients are getting multiple reminders on the same day or new reminders each day. Unfortuantely as the amounts are often the same they assume the reminder is for the same invoice and not multiple invoices. therefore they send a cheque and ignore the next reminder as they assume they have paid. I have added a total balance to the invoice reminders to try to show that other amounts are due but it is still not clear.


Current client invoice scenario:


Invoice 1 - due 01/02/10 - £50.00

Invoice 2 - due 01/02/10 - £50.00

Invoice 3 - due 02/02/10 - £50.00

Invoice 4 - due 03/02/10 - £50.00


The above senario would send reminders as follows:


01/02/10 = 1st reminder for invoice 1 + 1st reminder for Invoice 2

(2 emails sent to client each identical apart from invoice number. Client assumes 2nd email is duplicate so sends cheque for £50 instead of £100)


02/02/10 = 1st reminder for invoice 3 is sent

(no mention of invoice 1 or 2 that are still unpaid. Client assumes this is a duplicate of yesterdays email and ignores as sent £50.00 already. Account now £100.00 overdue)


03/02/10 = 1st reminder for invoice 4

(no mention of invoice 1, 2 or 3. Again client ignores as sent payment - account now £150 overdue and client confused)


So to my question; is there a way to set the cron or something to group reminders so it sends one emails once weekly that combines all outstanding info in one message. To include due date and the reminder status i.e. reminder 1 or third and final reminder for example:


The following invoices are now overdue:

Invoice 1 - due 01/02/10 - £50.00 (first reminder)

Invoice 2 - due 01/02/10 - £50.00 (first reminder)

Invoice 3 - due 02/02/10 - £50.00 (first reminder)

Invoice 4 - due 03/02/10 - £50.00 (first reminder)


Total overdue £200.00


I can’t use the statement option as this shows the invoice ID set by WHMCS and not the invoice number that I have specified in the “options” when creating the invoice.


I am sure there must be a work around somewhere as no one else seems to be having this problem :0)


Many Thanks

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Bumping this thread. I am really getting frustrated with trying to find a solution for this issue myself. There has to be a way to do this.


I have noticed that there is a merge field called All Invoices Balance Due (found in the email template for Third Invoice Overdue Notice). However, using it breaks the sendmessage script.


What I have done is to create a new email template to send out a past due notice but I have to manually put the amount into the template and manually send. It would be a whole lot better if this could be automated and would show a list of all open/past due invoices (with invoice number and amount) and a total balance due.


Is anyone working on this?

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