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My Module does not show up in Module List


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I created a custom module by following instructions from the Module Dev Kit. Essentially, I created my module "modulename" and put it as follows modules/servers/modulename/modulename.php


Question is I do not see this new "modulename" in the dropdown for list of modules. What am I missing? If there another config/property that I need to modify elsewhere?

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Here is what I have done so far:

1. create a new directory "vmops" under "/var/www/whmcs/modules/servers/" with 755 perms

2. cp the example template.php into the above folder. rename it to vmops.php and replace all instances of "template_" with "vmops_" in this file


In the above, template.php is what comes in the zip file that you can get here: http://www.whmcs.com/members/dl.php?type=d&id=14


I guess my question is more related to missing information. Question being, once I do what I have done in steps 1 and 2, is there a documented way of testing the new module? Note: I have not yet gone as far as putting actual code where it says "# Code to perform action goes here..." in the sample file


Should I expect a new module "vmops" to show up in the list of values for modules? I am not trying to build the module myself and not a PHP expert. I am just looking into establishing a basic handshake between WHMCS and an external system as a POC.


Help much appreciated. If you still need the actual code of vmops.php to help answer, please let me know.


Thanks a lot!

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