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Hi guys i need your opinions please.

Iv been looking for a Desent Creditcard proccessor who will work in Italy and found one called 2Checkout.


There offers sound prity awsome but i wanted your opinions first before i go ahead and setup an account.




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Be aware that 2Checkout is a third party processor.

We are customer of them for several years now and, I am sorry to say it, their guarantees are really limited and unfair for the seller.

For example, recently, 2checkout refunded 6 months of invoice to a customer because this one stated he hadn't agreed this order and asked for a cancellation. Which was totally contradictory and untrue. The customer was asking for 2 years of refund, without any proof of cancellation other than a cut-and-paste presumed email without any header or traceability, and we had to fight hard to get them refund "only" 6 months.

So, if your business relies on security against chargebacks, and it should be the case for each and every webhosters as long as we sell no goods but only services, then forget 2Checkout.

Unfortunately, In Europe, there are not many alternatives.

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I would stay far away from 2checkout. They use unfair business practises and always against the seller. Their funding hold terms are way out of sync with the rest of the industry for example if you are a new client they can hold any or all funds you receive up to 6 months so you could potentially never get anything in your bank account for 6 months.


The rates are way higher then paypal's who doesn't even hold any partial or full amounts.


But then again any cc processor is out to make money so its best to review all terms such as cross-border added fees and the standard processing fees.


You are better off asking your bank if they have a gateway that might be supported already by WHMCS to get the best rates.

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