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Custom admin menu fix

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Ever upgraded and the admin drop down menu goes back to the default after you have customized it ? Really bites doesn't it?


Well I just figured out how to keep those changes.


First make a copy of includes/jscript/adminmenu.js and place it under your admin/templates/YOUR-ADMIN-TEMPLATE/


Now edit that file and remove all the menu items


var menu1=new Array()


menu9[5]='<a href="http://forum.whmcs.com/" target="_blank">Community Forums</a>'


Make sure you keep everything else after

var menuwidth='170px' //default menu width


Now add all your custom menu arrays using the same format BUT you begin using the same menu item numbers as you did before...


var menu10=new Array()
menu10[0]='<a href="addonmodules.php?module=enom_extended">Home</a>'
menu10[1]='<a href="addonmodules.php?module=enom_extended&page=settings">Settings</a>'
menu10[2]='<a href="addonmodules.php?module=enom_extended&page=domains">Domains</a>'
menu10[3]='<a href="addonmodules.php?module=enom_extended&page=domaindetail">Domain Detail</a>'
menu10[4]='<a href="addonmodules.php?module=enom_extended&page=transfers">Transfers</a>'
menu10[5]='<a href="addonmodules.php?module=enom_extended&page=sslcerts">SSL Certificates</a>'
menu10[6]='<a href="addonmodules.php?module=enom_extended&page=refillaccount">Refill Account</a>'
menu10[7]='<a href="addonmodules.php?module=enom_extended&page=utilities">Utilities</a>'
menu10[8]='<a href="addonmodules.php?module=enom_extended&page=modconfig">Configuration</a>'


Just like that.


Now add


<script type="text/javascript" src="templates/YOUR-ADMIN-TEMPLATE/adminmenu.js"></script>


to your admin/templates/YOUR-ADMIN-TEMPLATE/header.tpl BEFORE



Your done. Now go to your admin area and all your custom drop down menus should be there as before but now they wont get overwritten with each upgrade of WHMCS


Now I can't be held responsible if you break your menu or admin area so make backups !!


I hope this helps others because I was getting pretty annoyed that my custom admin menu was always getting deleted with upgrades.

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Actually a large step in this can be omitted after I tested this more.


You don't need to copy your



Just create a adminmenu.js in your admin area template and add all your custom menu items and add the script code like I posted into your header.tpl.


You don't need to add anything but the new

var menu10=new Array()

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Damn I just found out you can do this to over ride any of the default menus as well.


Say you wanted to always have under the clients menu to list only active clients. Just add the original menu and add your custom links like this:


var menu2=new Array()
menu2[0]='<a href="clients.php?searchin=id&q=&status=Active">Active Clients</a>'
menu2[1]='<a href="clients.php">View/Search Clients</a>'
menu2[2]='<a href="clientsadd.php">Add New Client</a>'
menu2[3]='<a href="massmail.php">Mass Mail Clients</a>'
menu2[4]='<a href="clientshostinglist.php">List All Products/Services</a>'
menu2[5]='<a href="clientshostinglist.php?type=hostingaccount">List Hosting Accounts</a>'
menu2[6]='<a href="clientshostinglist.php?type=reselleraccount">List Reseller Accounts</a>'
menu2[7]='<a href="clientshostinglist.php?type=server">List Server Accounts</a>'
menu2[8]='<a href="clientshostinglist.php?type=other">List Other Services</a>'
menu2[9]='<a href="clientsaddonslist.php">List Account Addons</a>'
menu2[10]='<a href="clientsdomainlist.php">List Domains</a>'
menu2[11]='<a href="cancelrequests.php">Cancellation Requests</a>'
menu2[12]='<a href="affiliates.php">Manage Affiliates</a>'


See menu2[0] ? Now no matter what the default admin menu is for clients this version will always be the one shown.

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