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WHMCS V4.2 Stable - Now Available!

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WHMCS V4.2.1


We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS V4.2.1 - the latest stable release of WHMCS.


In this release, the focus has been on enhancing and improving usability, which involved adding numerous new features, tweaking various existing ones, and adding more subtle changes to make the system simpler & more efficient to use.


Some of the most notable changes include the addition of Sub-Accounts Abilities for Clients, an Auto Provisioning Option for only Existing Client's, Automated Refunds to a Client's Credit Balance, Multiple Domain Renewals in a Single Order, Multiple Invoice Payments in a Single Transaction, Enhanced Admin Client Summary, New Admin Shortcuts, and much more...


A complete list of new features, enhancements and fixes are below.


For existing users, you can download your copy today from the client area @ http://www.whmcs.com/members


Or alternatively, our professional upgrade service is available as usual for $19.95 so to have us handle the upgrade for you, simply order @ http://www.whmcs.com/upgradeservice.php


And finally the Release Notes for everything you need to know before upgrading, including how to upgrade and what template changes are required, see http://wiki.whmcs.com/Version_4.2_Release_Notes



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Feature Highlights


Triennial Billing Cycle - allowing you to specify a recurring billing option for products/services of once every 3 years


Sub-Accounts for Clients - which enables clients & staff to create additional users with specific configurable permissions to access a single master parent account (see http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?p=140473 for more info)


Mass Invoice Payments - the client area due invoices list has been improved to show the balance remaining for each invoice, and allow for a single payment to be made towards multiple due invoices in a single transaction (see http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?p=141431 for more info)


Auto Provision only for existing users - this new setting allows you to specify the automatic setup on payment for products & domains will only apply for clients with at least 1 active product or service, leaving brand new clients until the admin has manually reviewed their order and accepted it


Support Ticket Reading - the status of a ticket (read or unread) is now stored per admin user, and so each admin knows if they've read a ticket or not


Multi-Language Support for Announcements & Knowledgebase - announcements and knowledgebase categories/articles can now be defined in each of the active languages in the system. Users browsing will then see the version for their selected language if specified.


Promotional Code Requirements - promotion codes can now be set to require other products in the cart to discount an item, or require that the user has previously purchased them - for example buy X, get Y free


Promo Codes on Invoices - Coupon codes used for products now shown on recurring invoices so the customer is reminded they are on a special rate/deal


Billable Item Enhancements - The ability to select predefined products and automatically load their descriptions & prices has been added and support for individual & mass time based billing entries with bulk invoice/delete options to streamline management


Product Management - admin users can now schedule product cancellations at the end of the current billing cycle from the admin product management page to surpress renewal invoices & auto terminate at the end of the paid time period


Invoice Refunding - added a new option to refund to credit balance which will update the invoice and automatically add to a customers credit balance in addition to the automated gateway refund support


Multiple Domain Renewals - when logged in, clients will now see a new cart group section called domain renewals which allows them to order renewals for one or more of their domains at any time, in one single order (see http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?p=141431 for more info)


Custom Ticket Statuses - You can now add additional ticket statuses to allow more finely tuned control of tickets, and edit the way in which the default statuses are treated





Client List - can now be searched on multiple criteria at a time & filtered by client group


Billable Items - payment method now defaults to that which a client has selected for the products


Domain Renewal Invoicing - it is now possible to set for domain renewal invoices to generate further in advance than product and addon invoices


European Date Format - added support for the DD-MM-YYYY date format


Support Ticket Piping - emails which get blocked from opening a ticket due to either matching a spam filter or being from an unrecognized address can be overidden and accepted by an admin user to create a ticket


Support Ticket Merging - when merging tickets, the resulting tickets subject will be appended with [MERGED] to help make it clearer to clients when it looks like a ticket has gone missing


Support Ticket Logging - updated ticket logs to also record the admin user who is performing the action


Client Area Ticket Search - added the ability for clients to enter a ticket number in the support search to jump straight to it


Orders Management - a check all box and the ability to send mass emails for a selection of orders has been added (for example reminders about unpaid orders)


Affiliate Linking - the affiliate landing page will now accept a product ID passed with it in order to link directly to the order form, eg. *?aff=xxx&pid=Y


Knowledgebase - will now suggest other articles that might be of interest from the same category in an "Also Read" section and display breadcrumb of categories leading to articles


Product/Service Upgrade Process - warning message when trying to upgrade with existing open invoices clarified to provide more explanation and advise what the user needs to do to continue more clearly


Promotion Code Usage - warning explanation message now shows when a promo code is applied by a user but no qualifying items are yet added to the cart


3D Secure Framed Window - the PayPal, Quantum & SagePay Gateway modules which have the Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode 3D Secure processes as part of their payment routine will now show that step while remaining branded to your site using an iframe window


Predefined Replies Insert at Cursor - predefined replies will now be inserted where your cursor is in the reply window allowing you to insert multiple predefined replies more easily


Billable Items Products - added the ability to load predefined products as billable items which defaults name and price to product values


Billable Items Time Billing - dedicated entry screen for time based billing entries with automated hours/quantity multiplier


Prorata - updated to use actual days in the month for calculations rather than the average month


Cron Job - added the ability to skip certain sections of the cron when calling it with passing of flags


Sales by Product - a new report giving a breakdown of the number of new orders placed & completed that are still active of each product/service & addon for any given month


CSS Updates - to Default & Order Templates for consistency


Inclusive Tax Deduction - New option to deduct what would have been charged as tax from inclusive prices if client doesn't meet any of your tax rules


Late Fee Minimum - added the ability to set a minimum late fee to apply which can be used to prevent very small values when using percentage based fees


New Admin Shortcuts - Links to view all invoices related to a specific product or domain from the details of that item, back to the invoices list from inside an invoice, and quick links for resetting & emailing users or contacts a new password have been added to the admin interface





  • Quantum Vault - remote credit card storage gateway to limit compliance reuqirements
  • PlanetAuthorize Gateway Module - generic auth.net emulator module which can be used with any auth.net style gateway
  • PayPal Pro & PayFlow Pro 3D Secure - Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode Auth Support added
  • iDeal Advanced Gateway Module - more advanced integration
  • SagePay Repeats - remote card data storage integration for SagePay module
  • cPanel - module updated for new XML login responses in V11.25
  • xPanel - new module for xPanel control panel integration
  • VirtualMin - added password reset and automated upgrade/downgrade support
  • InterWorx - auto login link corrections
  • HyperVM - added client area reboot option + admin side auto login link
  • CloudMin - Added Owner Setup Type with Plan Names
  • Realtime Registrar Module - Update from company
  • OnlineNIC - Error handling improvements, fix for new stricter password requirements & addition of sync module





  • AddOrder can now handle clients IP being passed in
  • AddClient has a new flag to not send welcome email
  • AddCredit was returning both NVP and XML responses for successful calls
  • AddProduct allows a product to be added to the Setup > Products/Services list dynamically
  • AddTicketReply now supports the updating of ticket custom fields
  • CapturePayment will now accept the CVV number of a credit card being passed to it for the immediate transaction
  • GetTicket/GetTickets were not returning clients name & email correctly
  • GetTransactions has been added to return transactions for a given client, invoice or ID
  • GetOrders will now return the order item details aswell
  • OpenTicket not saving custom fields correctly when passed
  • UpdateClient was allowing email change to one used by another client
  • UpdateTicket call has been added to allow modifying of ticket parameters



Bug Fixes


  • Change security question - was asking user to select existing question which was very hard to remember. Now just asks existing question
  • Password resets - closed client statuses were being allowed to request a password reset but still couldn't login
  • Bulk domain checker - was allowing spaces in the domains being looked up
  • Attachment delete failing - the delete link for ticket attachments in the admin area was not working
  • Multiple CC emails - were failing to send if more than one was set
  • Pending Commission Deletion - was not deleting anything when clicked
  • Auto activate on order - if more than one product was being ordered, only the first was getting activated
  • Cart Addons page - was showing blank if not logged in as a customer when it should instead ask for login
  • Custom fields signup - entered at signup time were not being saved in time for hooks to run
  • Payment methods on invoices - were being shown alphabetically rather than in the defined priority order
  • Cancellation Requests - were being allowed to be submitted for pending items
  • Auto unsuspend on payment - was unsuspending on payment even if due date remained in the past with other invoices due, and then suspending again the next day
  • Affiliate Conversion Rate - was showing a decimal percentage rather than actual percentage
  • Graph Reports - with no data causing warning message to display
  • Custom Field Validation - not using display name if specified for a custom field
  • Product Status in Emails - not being translated into clients local language

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