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    Adding additional CSS file to child theme

    Hi Brian My theme does have an underscores in the folder name. Could that be the issue? I'll rename it and find out. Long term we'll probably use a different theme as a basis for the child theme but boxes was the one we preferred at the time as the basis for our modifications. Cheers Will
  2. Hello, I've created a child theme based on "boxes". I only needed to make a few tweaks so the only files overwritten from the parent theme are complete.tpl, configureproduct.tpl and configureproductdomain.tpl. I also wanted to make some CSS tweaks but all the boxes tpl files reference: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="templates/orderforms/{$carttpl}/style.css" /> I thought that this would mean style.css from the child theme is used but it appears not. It appears to still load from "templates/orderforms/boxes/style.css" instead of "templates/orderforms/boxes_child_theme/style.css" Is there a way (perhaps via a hook) of including an additional CSS file from my child theme folder into every tpl? At the moment I've just replaced "templates/orderforms/boxes/style.css" with my modified version but that kind of defeats the purpose of using child themes. Thanks Will
  3. willdashwood

    GoCardless Usage Questions

    Hi Bertie, Thanks for the info. Do you know when WHMCS requests the payment and what it specifies as the "charge date" in relation to the due date of the invoice? Have you found that invoices are paid before or after their due date? Thanks, Will
  4. willdashwood

    GoCardless Usage Questions

    We've been using GoCardless with subscriptions for years now. We've just been manually adding transactions to WHMCS as they reach "confirmed" status. It's great to see GoCardless integration back in WHMCS but before we enable it we want to try and ensure a smooth transition. So could anyone who has gone through the process confirm that the following steps are the right way to go about it? Enable GoCardless module in WHMCS and grant authorisation. Update tblclients.gatewayid with the corresponding mandate ID in GoCardless (prepared in advance of course). Make sure default payment type and existing unpaid invoices are set to the GoCardless payment method for these customers. Contact GoCardless to request that they silently cancel all existing subscriptions to prevent duplicate payments. Have I missed anything? Just to confirm, WHMCS will request payment via the associated GoCardless mandate for any invoice that is set to the GoCardless payment method? If the invoice is set to a different payment method (e.g. PayPal) it will ignore it. Will WHMCS cancel a pending GoCardless payment if the invoice is paid by another method? When does WHMCS request the payment and what does it specify as the "charge date" in relation to the due date of the invoice? For credit/debit card payments we only process payment on the due date of the invoice. However, for GoCardless we make sure the payments are requested at least 7 days in advance of the due date. In an ideal world we would have the ability to set a separate offset for GoCardless payments. For example, request payment 10 days in advance of invoice due date but set the charge date to 6 days in advance of the due date. My concern is that payment won't reach us before the due date of the invoice and customer's will receive overdue warnings. Does WHMCS set the status of the invoice as "Payment Pending" once the charge has been requested? I just wanted to try and understand the workflow in advance so that I can try and minimise disruption and confusion for customers. Many thanks!

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