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  1. Thanks Chris WHMCS and Plesk are not on the same same server. It's a Windows Plesk server, so does the same thing apply to IIS? I don't think the problem is with the Plesk server because everything was working fine until we moved WHMCS to a new server.
  2. I recently moved my Plesk installation to a new server and find that I can no longer create hosting accounts on Plesk 11 Windows servers. The process runs for about 10 minutes and then returns the error - "CURL Error: 56 - Recv failure: Connection reset by peer" I've added the new server's IP in the "IP access restriction management" section of Plesk, other than that nothing has changed on the Plesk server. Port 8443 is open for both incoming and outgoing tcp traffic on the WHMCS server. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem could be?
  3. Finally worked it out - we had to disable "Mbstring Func Overload" in PHP.
  4. We just moved our WHMCS installation ot a new server and suddenly some (not all) API calls don't work. For example, we can't register new domains or update contact details on a domain, but we can renew domains and re-delegate them. API calls with short data strings work, but ones with longer data strings don't, so it appears that the submitted data is being truncated if it exceeds a certain length. Does anyone know what could be causing this truncation?
  5. Since the last upgrade the CVC field in the credit card information popup has disappeared. Does any one know how I might get this back?
  6. Is it possible to change the order of the emails in the select list on the Invoice page? We most commonly re-send the "Invoice Created" email, but the select list defaults to the "Invoice payment Confirmation" email, so it would be handy if we could change this.
  7. Over the last month I've started to notice that on occasion, a domain name will suddenly display incorrect nameservers after being renewed. On one occasion a domain had an extra nameserver added to it, but today I found 3 domains that were re-delegated to completely incorrect name servers after being renewed. The nameservers seem to be picked up from other domains -so they are valid nameservers, but just not authoritative for the domain in question. This caused a customers web site and email to stop working today, so it's very concerning. Has anybody else noticed this kind of behaviour with WHMCS?
  8. When WHMCS generates overusage invoices it sets the due date to the day the invoice was created. Is there any way to make WHMCS set the due date to a certain period after the invoice was created? (eg 7 days)
  9. This module is now the property of Instra Corporation. Please direct any enquiries to them. (www.instra.com)
  10. I'm trying to create my first action hook using the example provided with WHMCS, but when I directly run the PHP script from a browser, I get ... Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_hook() I assume that's because the add_hook() function is hidden away in the encrypted WHMCS PHP code and so the files in the /includes/hooks folder only work when executed by WHMCS. My script uses the InvoiceCreationPreEmail hook, but it doesn't run when I manually create an invoice or when I place an order which includes an invoice. So how can I test my PHP hook scripts? What confuses me even further is that I have another action hook which I downloaded from this forum which works fine, but doesn't even use the "add_hook()" function.
  11. The testing period is now over, so the module is now available for a once off cost of $39.00. Just email instramodule@dhost.com.au if you've like to purchase a copy.
  12. I've tried adding it to other individual tpl files in the order form but still no effect.
  13. I only want registered clients to be able to place orders and I'm familiar with the concept of adding the code below to the tpl file to hide pages from non-logged in users. {if $loggedin} ... {else} ... {/if} But I can't find a template file that corresponds to cart.php I'm using the vertical steps template and I've tried to add the above code to viewcart.tpl and verticalsteps.tpl but it doesn't prevent non-logged in users from accessing the pages. Does the above code work with the cart?
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