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  1. Hello, The version of Whmcs is 4.0.2 Yes, the system display the real numbers. It's me to hidden them.
  2. Hello, Yes, i fill all this section. // ------- whmcs dabase data. same as configuration.php ------------------------------- $db_host = "localhost"; $db_username = ""; $db_password = ""; $db_name = ""; // ------- whmcs api to decrypt server passwords ------------------------------------------------ $apipath = ""; # URL to WHMCS API file $adminuser=""; // your main whmcs administrator username $adminpass=""; // your main whmcs administrator password // -------- change this URL to your image folder. leave trailing slash -------------- $imgroute="images/"; // -------- email address where reports get sent to/from ---------------------------------------- $useremail = "";
  3. Hello, I try to install your module but when i go to the web browsr and star the address http://mydomain.com/directadmin-sync-report.php, i have this error message. ------------ API error: Not receiving decrypted password array(2) { ["result"]=> string(5) "error" ["message"]=> string(25) "Invalid IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX" } ----------- Thanks,
  4. Hello, Where, how and wich template to modifiy to make a dropdown list menu for the state when a customer signup in WHMCS ? Because with the domain name .CA if a customer write state/Provice Alberta the registar accept only a two letter for the province (Alberta = AL). Each time the registration domain failure. Thanks, MD.
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