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  1. @andrezzz I have already tried that That was actually the exact method I was using. As for what I want to do, I'm currently using a custom addon module to add some custom sidebar widgets. The data contained in these widgets needs to be accessible from an external application, and I am trying to create an API route to query it.
  2. Somehow managed to submit the post early and now I can't edit it 😕 To whoever is approving this, please merge the two posts I've seen mentioned in another community topic here that such a method is unsupported, which fits since there's no official documentation on it. In that post, it was suggested to instead use an addon module with client/admin area pages. I don't mind doing, and in fact have already done so, but how would I set up API authentication to go with it? I'm currently using an admin area page, do I need to create a robot admin user and somehow authenticate myself, or can I somehow allow a set of API credentials to access the page? Failing all that, does anyone know of a solution for creating API actions that still works? Cheers
  3. Hi, I'm currently working on connecting WHMCS to some of our other support platforms, and I would like to create some custom API actions to help facilitate this.I've already tried adding additional action files to includes/api as mentioned accross the internet, however I receive an error message telling me "blank is not a valid API action" whenever I try to call them.
  4. Hey! Same issue here, except that the invoice_id column DOES exist. Also, manually executing the query against the database returns 0 (not an error), which is to be expected since we have the affiliate system disabled. Here's a sample error from our system, although it looks like the same issue to me (says no invoice_id column in tblaffiliateshistory) Cheers!
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