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  1. Hey, i'm getting the error code 4 by decoding $results and $response. Does it make any sense to use WHMCS any longer?! Is it all broken?! Don't know, if i should try it with Interacting with the Database - WHMCS Developer Documentation, when it's already dead here? Does WHMCS works without bugs in general?
  2. Hello, I don't get any further. How can i access the nested order data by key? I've tried it also with the json. I only get the first 4 values like: success101 Regards <?php use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; add_hook('AcceptOrder', 1, function($vars) { // Get current order id. $orderID = $vars['orderid']; $command = 'GetOrders'; $postData = array( 'id' => $orderID, ); $adminUsername = 'xxx'; // Optional for WHMCS 7.2 and later $results = localAPI($command, $postData, $adminUsername); $filename = "/WHMCS_TEST/Testfile.txt"; $f = fopen($filename, 'wb'); if (!$f) { die('Error creating the file ' . $filename); } //INFO - JSON Structure: GetOrders - WHMCS Developer Documentation $json = json_encode(array('data' => $results)); foreach($results as $result) { fputs($f, $result); foreach($result as $orders) { fputs($f, $orders); foreach($orders as $order) { $test = $order; fputs($f, $test); } } } fclose($f); });
  3. Hey, you can delete my post. I've found it. Using the AcceptOrder Hook, getting the order by GetOrder and then sending it to the domain controller (not pretty shure how.)
  4. Could you change it to the following questions? 1. I need to send data of a pending order by the "accept order" button to a domain controller. Where do i get the data from (database?) and do i need a hook to query the data that i can send it to the domain controller ? (How to send it, by hook?) 2. I need to query the domain controller for a value (active account) to show it on the product details page, how can i do it? (It has to be refreshed every time the user opens the details page) Regards
  5. Hi moderator, can you delete this post, i have to research a few things.
  6. Hello, i don't know WHMCS and we want to implement the function that a customer can request an Active Directory Account. Do we need an addon for that? I want the following steps: 1. User can enter the required information in corresponding fields/ controls (textboxes, dropdowns, checkboxes) . 2. User sends the request by button. 3. We confirm the request by button and the data will be send automatically to the active directory (by hook?!). Any tutorial? Regards
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