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  1. Hi, I am running out of ideas right now on how to work with the LoginShare hook. In my scenario (and since users are now available) a client sends an invitation to his account. Once on the login page, the user enters username and password and with my LoginShare hook I am checking his credentials against my own database. This works well for existing customers. However, if the user does not exist I am trying to pass the "create" option with the return value: function loginshare_hook($vars) { $username = $vars['username']; $password = $vars['password']; // My code checking the password was removed to improve readability (and this part works though) //and now i am trying to return the user with the "create" flag: return array( 'email' => $username, 'create' => true, 'firstname' => 'Demo', 'lastname' => 'User', 'companyname' => 'Demo Company', 'address1' => '123 Demo Street', 'address2' => 'Sample', 'city' => 'Sample', 'state' => 'Sample', 'postcode' => 'XYZ123', 'country' => 'US', 'phonenumber' => '123456789', 'password' => 'abc123', ); } Using xdebug i get the following error: "SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'email_preferences' in 'field list'" I have no idea what that could mean - however, when I checked the user table I saw that one user was created, however the login fails and I again see the restricted / login page. In addition to that users that are not associated with clients (linked to id 0 in the clientsuser table) are also unable to login using this method... Any help is really appreciated... Regards
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