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  1. How does one add a form like this in WHMCS as part of the sign-up process?
  2. Thanks for the reply brian!, as always
  3. Is there a way to add some text that appears with a promo code? We'd like to remind those using a code, even though it should be a known known from where they obtained the code, that it is limited to certain products.
  4. We set a client up using a 90% discount that was supposed to be permanent, but was accidentally set to one month. This was remedied in WHMCS after the first month, but PayPal is still charging the full amount (not sure why it's called "trial period" by PayPal). Shouldn't this have automatically reconfigured through WHMCS after we changed the client's account setting? Must we manually reconfigure PayPal to reflect the change? Thank you
  5. I'm adding KB articles, but when I go to save it makes me re-login and the article isn't saved. Any fix to this?
  6. Maybe your inbox is full?
  7. No, but the full amount shows up under transactions.
  8. PayPal overcharged a client (my mistake with a discount code), so they have a credit balance, but the invoice amount is correct, so refunding that way seems impossible. Can I do this via WHMCS or do I have to via PayPal and then remove the credit on WHMCS?
  9. Right, an unfinished order via WHMCS, since if they give up or fail to complete that initial page, then we've lost a potential contact (and micro-conversion). So starting the process with a very simple form on our site that steers them to WHMCS without forcing them to re-enter name and email.
  10. I mean for a first-time client signing up, in case they fail to go through the entire process, then we'll have a way to contact them
  11. Is there a module or plugin that captures a potential client's basic info (name and email), retains it in our DB, and then fills that info in automatically when our site takes them into WHMCS to complete their order?
  12. We want to offer domains "at cost" using Namecheap, is there a way to configure WHMCs to do this without manually entering each price by year, renewal period, transfer, registration, etc.?
  13. I looked over this https://docs.whmcs.com/Linking_to_WHMCS but am still a bit confused: we have two main hosting products and two maintenance ones that we also bundled in four configurations within WHMCS. Is that the best way, or can I do them as add-ons with billing cycles? For instance, if I have hosting 1 and maintenance 1 bundled, is it better to make them as add-ons by cart.php?a=add&pid=1&addons%5B1%5D? If we do &billingcycle=annually for annual plans, what about monthly ones, leave off that string or alter it to &billingcycle=monthly ?
  14. We have a client who will neither create nor transfer in a domain, so what steps do they take to get onto our server? On the email sent to the client all of the relative fields are blank, what am I doing wrong?
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