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  1. Same idea, if someone gets the trial at 10pm he'll lose it one hour later, i am trying to make it after 24 hours from checkout date.
  2. Hello! I have a trial product which I want to end after 24 hours from its order, my problem is that if someone buys it at 11pm, one hour later (12AM) it'll be deleted, I want it to be deleted 11pm next day not 12AM. How can I fix it? Thanks.
  3. YES! the dark would suffice. Regarding v8, I have a paid theme that I did heavy customizing for, would I be able to *convert* it to v8?
  4. Hello, Does anyone have any idea where to find free admin themes for v7.10.2? I found two which are paid. The theme would be only for me for better looks I guess. Thanks.
  5. If you're free, can you send me the code that I need to fill in please? thank you
  6. Would I add anything other than the description? And which pages should i put them on? Only header.tpl?
  7. So, I would add the descriptions for each page in the lang, and put the code above only in the header.tpl file for the default template and language right? Should I add anything else than the description? What should the length of it be?
  8. This is what I'm trying to achive, in the attachements. I could do one language only it will be fine.
  9. Hello! My WHMCS setup consists of two templates for two different languages, I did not do any SEO work (meta keywords and descriptions), Should I add the keywords and descriptions in EVERY page, for only in the index? Is there a hook that puts the keywords and descriptions in all pages? please dont suggest using modules, and I rather not edit template files, only use hooks if possible. Thanks!
  10. My custom pages are within WHMCS, I want to get the price from the ID without using Data Feed, and yes, I am using a currency selector in the header. Regarding the flags, How can I assign each flag to its currency?
  11. Hello! 1) I implemented currency change variable in the cart, and its working good, but i switched from using the cart to show my product to showing my product on custom pages to make it more neat. The currency is not changeable in the custom page, I want to get the price by using the product id + having the prefix of the currency (to make it update with currency conversion changes). 2) I want to show Kuwait + Saudi Arabia + USA flag in the currency converter, I was only able to get the us flag from flags.png in /templates/(theme)/img Thank you
  12. @brian! I have a small error with the cart, my cart now redirects to login which is what i want, but, in the login page there is a register link, when some one tries to register it redirects to the cart and then to login again (I disabled register without order), how can i change the register page to redirect to the index?
  13. Thank you @brian! Everything worked as expected. I really appreciate your work and help!
  14. Hello! I am in the phase where I am removing unneeded WHMCS features. 1) I made all my order forms on custom pages, so, I am not needing cart.php at all since my order forms gives you a direct link to the checkout page. Is there any hook to stop/hide it? 2) In the attachment below, I want to hide Services tab and make it direct you to My Services, cancelling "Order New Services" and "View Available Addons", how can i achieve that? Thank you!
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