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  1. Hello Brian Thank you for helping me. I tried currency=1 and currency=2 and seems its still not working. I have 6 clients using USD as default, Can i make TRY selected from sidebar and hide usd. Eren
  2. Hello All, We are using Turkish Lira (TRY) and USD on our system. The billing structure we're using have some problems about exchange rates. The prices showing under website is USD and we need to use only TRY. So Primary must be TRY, secondary must be USD What i did to resolve this issue and failed, - Changed Default Currency to TRY and Secondary to USD (This caused wrong conversion to TRY) (example when i add a product on $23.99 it must convert ₺147,53 but the conversion rate is changing TRY to USD, i need USD to TRY - reverse conversion) - Changed Cart link to Currency=1 and Currency=2 (This caused nothing, cart worked only on USD) In this case, how can i make TRY as default Currency and make reverse conversion work (from USD to TRY)
  3. Like on topic below, i want when CC info selected (It's default is selected because we have no other option) a dropdown (or any other option) stay opened for user to enter cc info.
  4. Hello zomex, Actually i tried it, and it is not what i need. I actually want a screen like below on cart, without redirection on another page.
  5. Hello All, I have just one payment gateway for Credit/Debit Card and don't want to auto redirect users to payment gateway on checkout. I think it is a tpl edit issue but i don't know how and which can i edit orderform tpl for success. How can i display payment gateway on order form? Screen Attached. Regards
  6. Thank you for all your effort, patience and support.
  7. It Seems only hook itself worked great, this works for us. Other way when i edited viewcart.tpl it thrown error Ooops 🙂
  8. Yes i will have only two currencies one is TRY and one is USD i will try what you explained. Very appreciate. Will update you soon.
  9. Hello Brian, Ok, I got what you mean, where is that action hook? Or how can i write one? How can i apply it? Eren
  10. Hello Brian, The display may be fine for us, How can i edit the template for secondary currency like the screenshot you sent?
  11. Hello Brian, I cannot see the display. Also i tried the hook you quoted above and seems it's not working.
  12. Hello Brian, Thank you for your reply, I already edited Currency Exchange Rates from Setup > Currencies, Also will try your hook, but how can i edit the tpl for showing it there? Actually i am a bit lack of php lang.
  13. Hello All, I am trying to display a secondary currency information on checkout sidebar. I digged viewcart.tpl but found nothing. I tried to explain with attached screenshot. Regards
  14. Hello There, On our website on some pages we have forms like "Enter your e-mail to subscribe to newsletter" and a button on it "Subscribe". What href i need to use for joining any user to opt-in email list? You can see in attachment.
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