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  1. nvermind, big cache issue, all solved, thank you guys 🙂
  2. ok, so not clear then how to access it temaplate name is - templates/juke-dev when i access example.com/clientarea.php?systpl=juke-dev , the new template does not load , even though it's a copy of active one with one text change, so i would see it
  3. This says for admin panel. , i need it for user panel when i log in as client
  4. hi guys, i need to alter client area product details page completly, but i don't want to do it live so that will affect all users. can i access cient area in such way that will affect one user only ( it will be my account ) ? so i can do my tests there ?
  5. hi guys, i haven't checked billing in 2 days, today i enter it and get "Unable to open file!" no changes were made to server, apache or mysql db. has anyone encoutnered this ? i found a thread about permission issues but can't figure out mine
  6. Not your hook nor mine works, is there anyone that knows this stuff? Whmcs support redirects me here @Brian ??
  7. Not helpful )) for me is not clear, can you provide a hook name ?
  8. Hi guys, after a package is set to active i need to insert for that user some data in DB using mysql. i assume its hook after module create but dont know for sure. Can you assist ? Its not much documentation on it.
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