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  1. Hello, Regarding Show On Order Form, I thought it will show on Order Form, not Registration page:) This is now fixed:) But I'm still unable to show the field on client area page. My field page is not English, it's for example 'تلفن همراه' which means phone number. So as per the docs, I should write {$service_custom_field_تلفنهمراه} to show in the pages, am I right?
  2. Hello, I added a new custom client field for phone number (I use 3rd party addon which requires new custom field), and my problem is I cannot add that field into the registration page and client area page. I googled a lot regarding how to do that, but none of them unfortunately worked. I use WHMCS v8 with custom theme, but it neither worked with default theme. When I refer to ` tblcustomfields` table, I see this field has `relid` equals with 0 and `id` is 32, and now when I see `tblcustomfieldsvalues`, that phone number of the test client has `fieldid` equals to 32 and `relid` is 1 which is I think client number and it's correct if my assumption is right. The I tried and failed is that the new code I add to template is not shown at all. I should mention that I added {debug} to that template and this works and shows debug info, but when I want to show that field in these two pages, I'm unable to do that. Would you please help me how may I reach it?
  3. It seems it's working fine now. I just saved automation settings once again without any changes, and now that I see domain cronjob sync has run and due date is the same as expiry date. Thanks
  4. Yes, because it is a domain, and not a shared host or VPS, I expect it syncs due date with expiry date and set them the same. I think this will cause me as an admin to check each transferred domain dates to check and change them, while we're using to ease the automation. Is my assumption right?
  5. Hello, My client uses WHMCS with both Hexonet and Namecheap domain module, and the problem is when a client transfers domain in his (my client) account, only Expiry Date is synced after cronjob runs and domain transfer is completed. Let us imagine a client transfers a domain called 'testdomain.com' and its real expire date is 01/01/2021, and he has transferred domain 12/24/2020 and now today 29th its transfer is completed. Before this completion, as you know Expiry Date field Admin Area is 00/00/0000 when sync is not done yet. Now that transfer is completed and cronjob runs, I see Expiry Date is synced and changed to 01/01/2022, but I see Next Due Date it's not the same as Expiry Date, so the client will not be happy about this. The picture is attached to clarify what I mean. At first my assumption was the problem was with Hexonet module, but when I saw another domain transferred with Namecheap, my assumption is now changed that I think WHMCS Domain Sync does not do this. Would you please help me how may I fix this instead of manually changing this date for each domain? Edit: I should mention that 'Sync Next Due Date' in Automation Settings in enabled and set to 0.
  6. I figured out the problem, there was something wrong with some clients data in database and I fixed it.
  7. Hello, One of my clients using WHMCS 8 has told me that he faced an strange issue that only exists in admin panel. It's when to add a new order which has configurable option (like VPS hosting with choices like OS, RAM, paid manage, etc.). When he wants to add new order for client who was registered in WHMCS 7, it has no problem. But adding that order for user who has registered after upgrading to WHMCS 8, they have this problem. Even I tried moving this product between these two clients, and I saw that when I move it to old client, I can select any of those configurable options fine, but again when I re-move it to new client, it has issue. The issue is existed in add new order page and the product page after being added. But when I login as the owner of new client, in client side there's no problem. Has this happened or being reported yet? Would you please help me?
  8. Hello, I've been wondering whether it's better to use WHMCSPress shortcode in WordPress theme or use WHMCS Feeds script tags. Would you please guide me which one would be better if I use. Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, One of my clients uses WHMCS 7.10.2 and wants to create an slider like as it is said in https://docs.whmcs.com/Addons_and_Configurable_Options#Slider. He wants to sell server with different options, like 'each cpu core is 10 USD', 'each 1gb hdd is 1 USD', etc. I tried setting quantity option, but quantity just acts with keyboard and increments with keyboard numbers. I also tried with Six template (default one) but it did not work. I googled a lot but it found nothing how to do this. Also I see some of our rivals working in the same field, they use the same WHMCS version but they have this slider option in the product page. How may I use this slider? I do not mean in group page. I mean in page like https://whmcs.site.com/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=0 that customer wants to use some options to see the final price. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, I think I've found it. It's called Convert To For Processing option.
  11. Hello @brian! and thanks for the reply, it worked 😄 My mistake was that I had set 'B' as the default currency and all changes I did were wrong due to this matter. The client I'm working with is going to use only local currency but all prices are based on USD, in this case I need USD as default and base currency, and the local currency as to be affected by conversion base rate. Also my client has only one gateway payment which only accepts local currency and he does not accept any USD or other currencies, but there's one another problem: Clients can choose between USD and BRI, and suppose if I purchase 'Product A' in USD, I will be redirected to the gateway payment to pay only 1 USD! But if you refer to purchase Product A with BRI currency, you pay 10 BRI. Then we both have 'Product A' in our products list! If I change default currency in database to BRI, then I think all prices would be messed up again. How to only let clients purchase with BRI currency? I mean no one be able to use USD in this case? Does hiding currencies from template work? Or other things should be done? Thanks in advance
  12. Hello, I'm using WHMCS in a localhost environment with two different currencies: 1) A 2) B And A=10B at the moment. I want to set all products prices to A, so that conversion base of B would be considered here to multiple each price to 10. For example: Product1: monthly 1A / Annually 10A Product1 then should be monthly 10B and annually 100B. For the first time when I click to recalculate and update prices, that works fine. But the issue is when I change B's conversion base from 10 to 12. Then in this situation: Product1: monthly would be 120B and annually 1200B! That's the problem I have at the moment and I'm unfortunately unable to solve it. I want to change B's conversion base to, e.g 12, so that the correct monthly price should be 12B and annually 120B. Can you help me what should I do to overcome this problem?
  13. Welcome to WHMCS.Community Inna! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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