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  1. Hello! @brian! Still cannot figure this out... Must be the theme, because when I switch to Six, it works. The second issue got fixed, it caused by OAUTH (Google) There is still some odd template issue here, or is it supposed to displayed like this? I would prefer it in the same line The last one is fixed as well, just updated the template to FA5 icons
  2. Hello. So the thing is, I have recently upgraded to the new WHMCS and I believe a few things changed since then. Let's say you visit https://brohosting.com/billing/cart.php?a=add&domain=register Where Invisible reCaptcha should come up, but it does not, with the default template, it loads in the right bottom corner, however, it does not do a thing in case. No matter which method I use, the default one, v2, invisible the results are same, once I search for the domain it throws me an error with a blank page: {"result":{"error":"Please complete the captcha and try again."}} Not sure what could be the exact issue, I guess it is a template error, but where to look for this? Then there is an issue with the email verification where I am using this link for example https://brohosting.com/billing/clientarea.php?verificationId=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx which redirects me to the login page (although I am logged already). I do login via (gmail) and it throws me a 404 error. Which I know is means the page is not exist, but which and why it is happening? Then, once I click on the Back button in the browsers, it tells me the email is verified and It's OK. So how could I fix this issue above? And one more thing which also could be the template. As you can see the icon here seems to be missing: Seems removing the "-o" in the Dev Console helps and the icon appears, but how can I do that on the "server" side? Thank you in advance for any help! Regards, Marcell
  3. Everything works flawlessly with 7.4.0!! Thank you, man! Looking for this solution long time!
  4. Look, I just want to display this way my template when ANY STAFF reply by example a ticket or start a new one: http://prntscr.com/h8rytt See the screenshot, hope you now understand, what I really mean is to just display the right picture and name depending who sent the ticket (according to the signature as I can't get who really sent the ticket /no staff merge field exist, so thought this alternative would work/)
  5. I don't know presend sadly, so doubt this will ever work. .(
  6. Oh ok The problem is, this is defined earlier as the signature, so I think, that's the problem. See my example: http://prntscr.com/h7repf Ok, tried your version, but seems that's even worse because the signature you inserting is a global one. While I want to use my Per Staff Signature. (personal) In this case, I still see BroHosting, I just want to insert the staff name here and I thought this alternative way with the signature. Do you have any idea other than PreSend?
  7. Hello! I would like to know if it is possible to use Conditional Displays with Signature. Currently my signature is Marcell Csendes on the My Account page. and I used this code in the Support Ticket E-mail template: {if $signature eq "Marcell Csendes"} Marcell Csendes {else} BroHosting {/if} ● Customer Success Shouldn't it work? I have no errors, I can only see BroHosting when getting a reply from a ticket. So have no idea what's wrong.
  8. Hi! I would like to somehow manage to separate the order detail elements to parts, so I can example make our email look better. Currently looks like this, but I would like to change this if possible. Can you help? Also, I would like to congratulate for your new awesome community design. I love it!!
  9. Nevermind, solved the other SpotLight problem as I found a thread on WHMCS community forum which made by you
  10. Hi! I have a big problem, I have added .hu and some other TLD like .works to my domain pricing and of course also connected Registrar, however once the page loads, they disappear. Please check to see the issue: 1 seconds before full laod http://prntscr.com/g962ls fully loaded website: http://prntscr.com/g962ox
  11. Do you have any idea how to sort out Product Name & Description or pricing? with Array? (Not in Order Confirmation Template) Of course in the invoice example. I have a very advanced email-template just works very well but would be great to put these variables into different rows. Is it also possible to put each product into different rows (when client do multiple orders like hosting plus domain)
  12. @wsa definitely going to buy it, plus many of your plugins, since they are seems very useful in our case. Thank you! Let me know on my email address, once this upgrade is available.
  13. Not even the basic merge fields works for me, which supposed to be. My friend business uses the next template, but for him it's work fine. <p>Dear <strong>{$client_name}</strong>,</p> We have received your order and will be processing it shortly. The details of the order are below: <p><strong>Order Number</strong>: {$order_number}</p> <p>{$order_details}</p> <p>You will receive an email from us shortly once your account has been setup. Please quote your order reference number if you wish to contact us about this order.</p>
  14. Example Steam Anyway, found it! https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/374
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