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  1. Sorry so dumm.... I created an email template of type notification. With type general ID was the userid so it is working now.
  2. Thanks for the reply brian. That is what I ended up doing. Here is the code in case anyone needs it: use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; //Payment-Type Menü ausblenden add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function (MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { if (!is_null($primaryNavbar->getChild('Billing'))) { $primaryNavbar->getChild('Billing')->removeChild('Payment Methods'); } }); //Payment-Type Menü ausblenden add_hook('ClientAreaSecondaryNavbar', 1, function (MenuItem $secondaryNavbar) { if (!is_null($secondaryNavbar->getChild('Account'))) { $secondaryNavbar->getChild('Account')->removeChild('Payment Methods'); } });
  3. Hi everyone. I am trying to send a client email with a custom template. $command = 'SendEmail'; $postData = array( 'messagename' => '***mytemplatename***', 'id' => 10052, 'customvars' => base64_encode(serialize($customvars)), ); return $results = localAPI($command, $postData); It returns success but I get the following activity-log-entry: "Email Sending Failed - No recipients provided for message (Subject: ***mysubject*** )" Any idea?
  4. Hi, due to one of the latest updates the new payment methods option shows up in the client area. It is in english, but I guess that is just a missing language file. My problem: We don't have any payment-gateway that is accepting creditcards. So why would we provide a form to enter credit-card-data? Can I disable that? And can I add a selfmade payment-module capturing bank-account data? Like for direct debit? I can't find the option to add a new gateway to one of these groups. THanks
  5. Hi everyone. I went through the documentation of building a merchant gateway in the dev docs. What I didn't find. I need some options to be selectable by the client when selecting the gateway during the checkout process. How do I add the client area options to the merchant gateway? Thanks!
  6. @zitu4life You are talking about a different problem. In your case: Every email from your network goes to spam folders. In my case and as I believe in davids case only WHMCS mails go to spam-folders. Every other email from my network is going into inboxes as expected.
  7. I had some issues in the beginning as well SMTP Base64 Port 587 TLS Worked for me
  8. Hi David, when I send the same e-mail, same adresse, same IP, same content from outlook instead of WHMCS it works. It must be a WHMCS problem. I ended up signing up for the AWS Mail Gateway. It's free up to a certain amount and somehow that is working. I don't know if Amazon is changing the mail headers or just has a much better reputation. However. Result: It is working now. Another anoying WHMCS-situation ended (without the help of WHMCS - of course 😉 )
  9. Hi. No we are using regular postfix on the same host sending several thounsand mails each day which don't end up in spam-folders. MX-Toolbox shows no errors for the domain and the mailserver.
  10. Everything is setup as you suggested. I also checked the mail.log and it is showing a correct sasl-auth.
  11. I am using username/password with smtp. However there is no extra button to configure SMTP auth or am I missing something?
  12. Hi. I am using WHMCS in SMTP-sending mode. The e-mails to our customers are always ending up in the spam folders of major providers. What is interesting: If I send an email using an Outlook-client through our mailserver it gets delivered correctly as ham to outlook.com/hotmail. I started investigating... Reverse PTR correct, SPF correct, but than I ran a header analyses on mxtoolbox.com and found that whmcs is somehow changing the HELO ( smtp.mailfrom=info@mydomain.de smtp.helo=www.mydomain.de). The mailserver is usually using mail.mydomain.de Any ideas how to fix that? It is very anoying to not being able to deliver emails correctly.
  13. Hi. We just imported our existing customers to Whmcs last week. An invoice was generated but the invoice numbering was wrong so I canceled the invoice, changed the number format and reset the products next due date. The cronjob didnt create a new invoice. How can I get whmcs to invoice the customer again? thanks
  14. Is it working with whmcs? - - - Updated - - - Sorry, I can't edit. Is it working with WHMCS 6?
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