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  1. Hi I downloaded WHMCS mobile app and its asking for an API key on the login page ? Any idea what this is and how to find the API key?
  2. Hi Alex Ok i managed to sort out the email verification issue, but the attachment issue is still there, I followed your URL and did things accordingly, updated the config file dir paths and change the dir locations also but still getting the error "Invalid Path" when trying to add an attachment to help tickets 😕 Before i change the dir paths, that 3 dir was in a separate folder under Home directory, so i thought it should be in the home dir itself, so i put the 3 dir in home dir and updated the paths on config file hoping that would sort out the issue. But unfortunately, it didn't. Any other suggestions as to what causes the error?
  3. Thanks, guys, let m give a try and see, i really don't understand why things have to be so complicated when it comes to a very imp variable in the shopping cart.
  4. Hi Chris, I have attached 2 screenshots, image 1 is what i get in my WHMCS and on Image 2 there's a detailed description which belongs to another site, and i think they're using WHMCS too. So the bottom line is most clients have no clue what the pro-rated billing is, so they expect to see the monthly price on their invoice but when pro-rated billing is enabled, its usually going to be a higher amount than the actual monthly billing, so the clients will wonder why the amount is higher than the displayed billing amount on the site. And it should clearly state that the pro-rated billing is for the 1st invoice only, which includes the remaining days of the month + month thereafter, and from the 2nd invoice, it's going to be the actual value etc. Regards Dev
  5. Hi I just enabled pro-rated billing on my WHMCS but on the invoice, it doesn't show anywhere as to why the price has increased when pro-rated billing is enabled. Is there any way to generate a more detailed invoice on WHMCS?
  6. Hi, I'm having a few issues with my WHMCS, Issue #1 Email verification message is not getting to anyone. But when you check Under Client Profile > Email Tab it says the msg has been sent however it's not delivering to the client's email. So most of my clients have unverified accounts/email addresses. Issue #2 Unable to attach files on help tickets as they get attached but the message with attached file won't go through. It gives an error page instead. Messages without attachments work ok. Issue #3 When a client pays a hosting bill it won't auto update on the invoice section and it keeps on sending overdue invoice msgs to the client unless I manually marked them as Paid. Pls let me know how to resolve these issues. Thanks
  7. Thanks, Brain, It's sorted the twitter issue :)
  8. Ok That does the trick. Thanks Guys. One more issue just came up as I just updated the WHMCS to its newest version, and now the twitter logo is not coming up on the index page under "Our Latest Tweets" ?
  9. Hi Vox There's no file called logo.png under /public_html/assets/img however, there's a file called whmcs.png and i changed that with my logo with the same file name but still im getting the text logo on the site.
  10. Ok what's the image file i should be changing?
  11. actually, i did the change at the following location where the logo file is /public_html/templates/six/img 😕
  12. HI I'm trying to add the logo to my WHMCS client area, and updated the logo.png with my own logo with the same file name. but nothing happens, it displays my site name in text format in the logo section. Any help to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. :)
  13. Ok i have update the main template to the SIX and also the order forms to standard cart, and only the main template has updated successfully and not the order form, im still getting the vertical steps. Cleared the cookies and cashe also, and checked from a mobile device but still pointing to the vertical steps order form. And i went through the thread you gave regarding the contact form issue, and it does't solve the exact problem, but what it does is when you do the changes from Setup > general settings > Mail > "Presales Form Destination" it basically convert the basic contact form to a support ticket submission form which is for the registered clients only. And the form submitted through that form is also went missing and no where to be found. and for the non registered clients the basic contact form should be there. What exactly is wrong ? Im still not getting the email notification when a new ticket / reply comes in and still unable to attach files when submitting tickets.
  14. HI Brain Thanks so much for the in depth clarifications on my WHMCS related issues. So by switching into SIX template and standard cart, will it resolve all the issues im having with my WHMCS? Im currently in the process of changing the main template and order forms to Template SIX and Standard cart, took a full backup if something goes wrong. And also,... can you pls guide me with editing the colors of the six template to match my site. I need to change the colors of the areas which i have marked in red dots. Thanks again for your support
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