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  1. I believe that some of the icons should be improved to make them more generic and standard. In addition, I don't think that different icons should do the same job, like the delete icon which there are currently two different versions of. I personally don't really like the use of a tick with the close ticket icon, but if the delete ticket icons was a bin/trash icon, you could use the close ticket as a times/cross icon instead. Here are some better examples of what could be used for a delete and copy icon. https://fontawesome.com/icons/trash-alt?style=regular https://fontawesome.com/icons/copy?style=regular
  2. By way of example, please see the attached as it doesn't look right.
  3. 1) I don't seem to be able to attach images such as png and jpg files when replying to a ticket. 2) Could the colour of the selected status in the menu be reviewed please? It seems to be yet another accessibility issue as it's just so hart to read. 3) Similar to the issue I raised here, the status menu also never seems to close unless you tap in the same area as when you opened it. This means it is possible to continue typing while the text goes behind the menu. You can even make text selection which end up going behind the menu while it's still open. In addition, opening the menu should really stop the keyboard from displaying otherwise it's impossible to select something towards the bottom of the menu.
  4. Hi @WHMCS SamP, This was actually partly resolved in 1.0.4, although I've still got the same issue in 1.0.5. When you first load the app, it doesn't display the number of tickets, this only happens when you tap on the 'tickets' to view them, then it loads and displays how many there are. Surly it should tell you how many there are when you first open the app? Thanks
  5. Hi @WHMCS SamP, This is now much better, although I would like to see lighter coloured icons (maybe the same colour as the text?). This should help with accessibility and be easier to on the eye. In addition, the menu across the bottom of the app (home, tickets, settings, etc) it would be great if the icons and text could be lighter so there is more contrast between them and the background. It's currently not the easiest to read, so this would greatly help with accessibility. Thanks
  6. Hi @WHMCS John, I can see that this has been partly fixed. If I open up the menu on the message, it will now close when I open the ticket menu at the very top. However, as it doesn't close when I tap anywhere else, I can still do thing like try to select the text within the message and then the menu gets in the way. The menu should ideally close if I tap anywhere outside the menu (just like the ticket menu at the top does). Thanks
  7. Hi @WHMCS Sachin, This is on an iPhone X, not an android. I can confirm I’m using the latest version of the app.
  8. When opening the menu on a particular message in a ticket, it doesn't seem to be possible to close it when you tap anywhere else on the screen, appart from tapping in the exact same place you tapped to open it. This is not constant with the menu at the very top of the ticket, which does correctly close if you tap outside of the menu. As a result of this bug, it is possible to open both menus at the same time as shown in the below image.
  9. Hi @WHMCS Sachin, Here are a couple of screenshots. One shows how this looks in the web app and the other shows how it looks on the new iPhone app. As you can see, two carriage returns are clearly visible in the web to allow you to easily distinguish between paragraphs of text. The iPhone app does not do this. Below is the text I used.
  10. Thanks for the reply @WHMCS John. I can only speak as an iPhone user and there are other apps which make use of the swipe feature like Facebook Messenger, which are consistent with Apple Mail, and many other apps on the iPhone. Maybe if this is different for Android, this feature on your new app should behave differently on iOS and Android? That way it will feel a lot more natural for users across both operating systems, instead of feeling slightly unnatural and clunky for iOS users.
  11. Thanks @WHMCS John. I am aware of the other post (mine was the last one on it!) but I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on the below please?
  12. Thanks @WHMCS Sachin but I had checked the web UI first and it displayed as paragraphs. Maybe it was an html formatted email which contained paragraph tags, I'm not sure now.
  13. If it's intentional that tapping the radio button no longer changes the profile, then this radio button serves no purpose and should now be removed. Tapping it takes you to edit the profile, but that's what tapping on the pencil icon on the very right does, so either the old functionality should remain when the radio button is tapped, or the radio button should now be removed. Personally I feel that tapping anywhere on the profile should switch it, unless you tap on the pencil icon to the right (which would obviously still take you to edit it). I do like the swipe that's been added, but I think some additional work is still required, specially as it's not obvious that you can swipe. Is there also anything that can be done when you do wipe right on the profile, or a ticket? You currently have to swipe quite far over to bring the options into view, if you just swipe a small amount, they just show a little bit of the options and then go away again. In other apps, you only need to swipe a very small amount and then the options come into view, with minimal effort. Have a look at swiping left on an email on an iPhone as an example and compare that to swiping left on a profile or ticket in the new WHMCS app.
  14. When you swipe down to refresh/reload the tickets you're looking at, the number in the tickets tab at the bottom does not refresh. According the the below screenshot, there is 1 ticket, but as you can see, this is no longer the case.
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