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  1. Of course after posting here on the community the issue was - probably only temporarily - solved: Testing Connection to 'https://a.licensing.whmcs.com/1.0/test'... URL resolves to ... Response Code: 200 Connection Successful! Testing Connection to 'https://b.licensing.whmcs.com/1.0/test'... URL resolves to ... Response Code: 200 Connection Successful!
  2. Today is the third time in the last two months that we are experience a total slowdown of WHMCS or even timeouts due to slow or no response from the WHMCS licensing servers. This not only causes trouble in the admin area, but also in the client area. The "local cache" of WHMCS does not seem to work correctly and/or got screwed up in one of the recent 8.* updates, as we never see the issues on 7.* installations (we have 4 in total). When is somebody from WHMCS going to seriously look at this is and solve it? I know that I can open a ticket with WHMCS and wait a few hours for this to get (temporarily) fixed (by changing the licensing server or some other paramters only WHMCS know), but we are losing time, revenue and reputation due to those issues reoccurring. And yes, I have read the FAQs, tried with conntest=1; the traces show a timeout. Anybody else getting a similar experience with the newer WHMCS versions?
  3. Dear Kai, isn't Hexonet and Key-Systems GmbH one company all part of CentralNIC Group PLC? And regarding your statement that what I addressed in my initial post was "already introduced .. earlier", when exactly was it introduced?
  4. I was a big fan of HEXONET and Key Systems till the recent takeover by CentralNIC and the encryption of the WHMCS registrar modules shortly thereafter (ask yourself: why?).
  5. Do you any particular Addons active? I saw this since version 7.10 upwards or so and while not knowing the exact cause, it seems that previously for certain operations both the invoice ID and the invoice items were deleted, now only the invoice ID is deleted and so items can spuriously appear on new or other invoices (that by chance get the same invoice ID).
  6. This is probably due to some undocumented changes introduced with version 7.4 upwards, basically the invoice ID gets deleted, but sometimes there are invoice items leftover. I am not sure this is a bug in WHMCS or triggered by some addon modules that rely on a certain behaviour of WHMCS that no longer is given. My guess is that WHMCS, ModulesGarden or some other developer of WHMCS addons could give you a more exhaustive answer.
  7. Anybody getting timeouts from the WHMCS licensing server? https://f.licensing.whmcs.com/ LICENSING ERROR Unable to perform license validation due to the following local server configuration issue: CURL Error: OpenSSL SSL_connect: Connection reset by peer in connection to f.licensing.whmcs.com:443 - Code 35 Please resolve the error shown above to enable license validation to complete successfully. For further assistance, please refer to the License Troubleshooting documentation. License is valid, but I am unable to access f.licensing.whmcs.com also from other locations, but not all of our WHMCS installations seem to use this broken Licensing server. This blocks not only the backend, but also the frontend. WHMCS is not getting better.
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