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  1. Any update on this? Does any one else who uses WHMCS have the ability to register a domain of this type, or even another domain with similar additional requirements in the registration form. .FR being another example
  2. Hi Brian, v6.3.1 sorry, I've no idea where I got 6.5 from I have about 300 to do so I think I will need to give it a go in SQL, wish me luck I'm only in this position because I deactivated my PayPal payments pro gateway in error, which causes all my clients with Credit/Debit card set as their payment method to default to Paypal Thanks for replying brian, much appreciated
  3. I'm using whmcs V6.5 and in the profile tab I have clients with the Payment Method set to 'Select to Change Default'. Where do I find what the 'Default' setting is? and is it a global default setting or is it a setting that the client chooses on signup?. Is there a way I can force change all clients with the 'Select to Change Default' setting to 'Credit/Debit card' or do I need to go through the clients one at a time to change this.? Kind Regards AJ
  4. Hi John, I believe I'm just using the standard whmcs domain module connected to enom and Inetbs registrars. Is there somewhere in settings I could go to look to confirm that is the case? Regards AJ
  5. I'm having difficultly getting past the additional domain field that's required for .scot registrations. The additional domain field is core_intendeduse I've edited the /includes/additionaldomainfields.php with the statement... $additionaldomainfields[".scot"][] = array("Name" => "Intended Use", "LangVar" => "", "Type" => "text", "Size" => 50, "Default" => "", "Required" => true); which now means that the field now shows up in the order form and in the admin area. However, the client still has no new field in any forms when editing an existing .Scot domain in their account and as such when making any changes to the domains contact details the error "core_intendeduse:Not Specified:Required value not specified " always appears. Anyone got any ideas how to resolve this or another way to set the registration for this domain type up. ta
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