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  1. was running 7.7.1 - no error upgraded to 7.9 - no error but at 7.10 - clientarea.php started throwing this error. So I'm not entirely convinced that the problem lies within the custom registrar module. The custom registrar module does not use Carbon. And there are no errors in the module log. From the error message, it seems like WHMCS is trying to format some date that has a NULL value. But beyond that, it's hard to debug what's wrong
  2. This error is thrown from a custom registar module in a freshly installed WHMCS instance running v7.10.2, on PHP 7.3.11 InvalidArgumentException: Data missing in /home/xxxxx/httpdocs/orders/vendor/nesbot/carbon/src/Carbon/Carbon.php:425 Stack trace: #0 /home/xxxxx/httpdocs/orders/clientarea.php(0): Carbon\Carbon::createFromFormat('Y-m-d', NULL) #1 {main} Prior to the update, there were no errors and WHMCS could load the "clientarea.php?action=domaindetails" page tab properly (domain name and amount is masked for anonymity) And the other thing is that only some domains are having this error whereas others load just fine. What could be causing this issue? As mentioned, this is a new install so there are no other hooks that can interfere with the clientarea.php output.
  3. i am getting this error after updating from 5.3.7 to 5.3.8 even a fresh installation didnt help any ideas? WHMCS was working fine before the update
  4. i downloaded the ModuleDevKit and uploaded the files to my whmcs installation /modules/servers/template/template.php however i do not see this as a drop down under Setup -> Products/Services -> Module Setup -> Module Name am I doing anything wrong here?
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