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  1. Hi On the Domain tab the expiry date is 00/00/0000 can I leave it like this? is it needed? the renewal date is correct. John
  2. jswilko

    Due date on a new order

    Thank you
  3. jswilko

    Due date on a new order

    Hello, I've just noticed that the due date on an invoice that has been generated for a new order that I create on a clients account is the same date as to when it was created. Is there a way to have the due date be automatically 4 weeks after the date the order was created? Thanks John
  4. jswilko

    Pound £ sign in notes deletes the note

    Hi Brian, Since I changed it to utf-8 I've lost the £ sign from nearly everywhere else, invoices etc, I just get a ? mark in a box rather than the £ sign. What System Charset should I use please? John
  5. jswilko

    Pound £ sign in notes deletes the note

    Hi again, I've changed it to utf-8 and it now works, thanks. John
  6. jswilko

    Pound £ sign in notes deletes the note

    Hi It says: iso-8859-1 John
  7. jswilko

    Pound £ sign in notes deletes the note

    Hi Brian, To be honest it was doing it before I uploaded all new files and folders I just thought it would go away when I used the new files. What can I check with regards database charset? John
  8. Hi, If I type the £ sign into a clients notes and then click the "Add New" button a blank note is saved, the text vanishes, there is just a blank note in the preview area. Without the £ sign it works fine. Any ideas? Version: 7.1.1 (All new files and folders, old files and folders deleted when I upgraded to V7.1.1, I moved servers) Thanks John
  9. Hi, I have the latest version (Version: 3.1.2) with the patch from last week. Everything has worked ok in the past so I am sure the product settings are correct. The problem I am having is with regards products with free domain names included. The domains are not being included as part of the order. Also when I then try to just add a domain name order it will always end up being £0.00 even though it has a value set to it in the settings. Any help would be great. John
  10. jswilko

    Login to cPanel button

    Hi, I've just updated my whmcs and the cPanel login button is back again, I've tried to carry out the above mod again but things have changed and I can not find the area that I need to mod. Any help would be welcomed, Thanks John
  11. jswilko

    Invoice Overdue Notice

    Hi all, I am also finding the Overdue reminder email to be a problem. I am creating invoices and sending them to clients but the very next day they get a reminder saying the invoice is overdue. I do not want to have to disable the Invoice Overdue notice as I think it helps for clients who are dragging their feet over paying. Gismo said he would like to set how many days after the due date an overdue reminder was sent out for invoice payments, Matts reply was that there is already an option for this on the Automation Settings page, I can not see this if there is. I see:- Invoice Generation - Enter the number of days before the due payment date you want to generate invoices Payment Reminder Emails - Tick to activate overdue subscription reminders and invoice payment reminders Invoice Unpaid Reminder - Enter the number of days before the invoice due date you would like to send a reminder Invoice Late Fee - Enter the amount to add onto late invoices (set to 0.00 to disable) Add Late Fee Days - Enter the number of days after the due payment date you want to add the late fee If it is one of the above which one is it? Thanks in advance for any help. John
  12. jswilko

    Admin notes when adding a new client

    Thanks for your replies. So how do I go about rectifying the problem, should I send a ticket to Matt? John
  13. jswilko

    Admin notes when adding a new client

    Hi, There is no save button, I'm on the add client page and there is only a add client button. When I click that the client is added and the admin notes I've included are nowhere to be found. John
  14. Hi, Can somebody tell me where to find the admin notes that I create when I add a new client. I've just run a test where I typed a few words into the admin notes box whilst adding a new client and when the new client was added I could not find the notes anywhere. I had a problem recently where the admin notes on the domain name section of a client would not save, Matt sorted this out for me. I am now wondering if this new problem is something similar. Unfortunatley I don't know what Matt did to sort out the first problem. Hope someone can help. Cheers John
  15. Hi Is there a way to have my default nameservers appear in the relevant boxes automatically when I client goes to the page to place an order for a domain name. Cheers John

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