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  1. excellentuptime.com is dead, the addon's license validity check fails, so users who purchased the 'lifetime' license have been abandoned. This addon is dead.
  2. yep... which is why I downgraded back to 5.1.3 (and just patched to 5.1.4) for the time being. The DNS issue, along with all the other addon/smarty issues causing much grief with the 3pd's, has taught me a harsh lesson - don't upgrade a production installation of whmcs on the first day of release!
  3. gold Jerry, gold! works well for now
  4. *sigh* yeah that's certainly what they're doing, now that you've pointed it out. search terms so far this month: - site au powered by whmcompletesolution submitticket.php?step= - allinurl /cart.php?a= site .au - powered by whmcompletesolution hosting - submit ticket and viewing my logs shows that its a normal firefox browser that is manually submitting the support ticket numerous minutes after hitting the site. Anyone got any tricks for limiting the length of the text area field contents (refusing to submit if longer than the limit), and/or filtering out submissions that contain such strings appearing together as "php" "eval" and "base64_decode" ?
  5. yeah I'm getting the 'php eval base64_decode' spams being submitted through the pre-sales contact and submit ticket pages (niether of which require a login). Re-captcha is enabled on all pages, and I'm running the latest version of whmcs. Is Google's re-captcha service as easily defeated as it seems to be, or is WHMCS's implementation of it flawed in some way?
  6. so is there a {nice variable} i can use to get the particular package ID chosen by the customer, or should i use $_GET['pid'] ?
  7. Hi, I want to offer free DNS record hosting for customers, restricted to those who buy or transfer a domain to us. At the moment the domain selection for a hosting package has three choices 1) register a new domain with us, 2) transfer a domain to us, 3) "I will update my nameservers on an existing domain Or I will register a new domain." I want to remove that 3rd option for this hosting package only (but keep it available for the other proper webhosting packages). Is this possible? thanks! Dan
  8. Hi folks. Scenario: whmcs installed on a dual stack server. That is, it's a single installation directory but the whmcs can be visited via either ipv4 or ipv6 (the domain has both A and AAAA records). I'm facing an issue where it would appear the licence only works when the site is accessed via one protocol or the other, but not both. I set up the installation from my connection at home which was using ipv6 at the time. The day after when I was at work (v4 only) I wasn't permitted to log in to the admin area, and the site showed me the standard licensing error. The client/customer portal works fine. There are two (bad) solutions I've been able to use thus far. 1) reissue the licence each time I use a different protocol. This will then show either my server's v4 ip or the v6 ip for my licence on whcms.com; or 2) remove the AAAA record from the subdomain in question so that my whmcs installation uses v4 only. Does anyone know how to make the installation valid with more than one IP like this? I understand completely why it is behaving like this (to stop piracy), but dual stacking is going to become more and more common. Cheers.
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