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  1. Maybe you would be willing to show me the documentation then! for christ's sake it would take like 3 MINUTES to turn it into smarty for someone who actually knows it.... if THAT long
  2. I repeat...... I ALREADY MADE THE PAGE I just need my above code turned into smarty
  3. I will do so as soon as I have more time, maybe on saturday? meanwhile... can anyone help me with my code please (a)
  4. I have told you several times simply to terminate the services and close my account as i don't have the funds... if you want to know what happened fine... my partner paid for it and we recently had a fight and ended our partnership and it seems that he chargeback'ed SEVERAL items he bought our company and at least i'm not the one who drags a personal matter out in a public place just to embarrass someone, now i am done speaking about it here.
  5. I just need like 3 minutes tops of help to make that above code work in smarty so it will work in the page i already have made.... basically if the url is... legal.php?doc=tos it will display my legaldocs/tos.php page legal.php?doc=privacy it will display my legaldocs/privacy.php page legal.php?doc=refunds it will display my legaldocs/refunds.php page
  6. Can someone please turn this into a code that will work in a whmcs custom page for me <?php $legaldoc=$_GET['doc']; if ($legaldoc=="tos") include('/home/web/public_html/whmcs/legaldocs/tos.php'); elseif ($legaldoc=="privacy") include('/home/web/public_html/whmcs/legaldocs/privacy.php'); elseif ($legaldoc=="refunds") include('/home/web/public_html/whmcs/legaldocs/refunds.php'); else echo "<b>Error:</b> No Document Specified, Please use the correct url <b><i>legal.php?doc=_____</i></b>"; ?>
  7. I want to create a new field that client can VIEW but not EDIT it should randomly assign a 6 digit number that can only be used ONCE in the whmcs. E.G. client signs up, and it assigns him/her the number this is to be used as the "Client ID" for some manual things i am doing outside of WHMCS.
  8. Only one word i know of defines my answer.... "Huh?" lol i'm sorry but i just can not understand what you mean.... from what i understand you want to distribute WHMCS in Iran?
  9. I'm sorry but there is no template for what you need, WHMCS would probably be willing to customize it for you for a fee.
  10. Sadly No, That Would be nice though.
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