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WHMCS V4 Feature List Announced

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There has been a lot of enquiries recently about our next release, which will be Version 4. We've had lots of people asking when it will be coming out, and what it will feature, and the interest surrounding it is very pleasing to see!


I can confirm we are in the last stages of testing and should have a release candidate version publically available within the next week or so which will be opened to around the first 200 users to signup for it prior to a final stable release later this month.


As we've revealed in recent newsletters, the primary new feature is full Multi-Currency Support but of course that's not all! Below you can preview the full list of features, changes, tweaks and enhancements V4 will introduce.



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  • Multi-currency support including ability to set prices in each currency, auto update currency rates via cron, option to set per gateway if passed actual amount or converted to a specific currency for processing, financial report updates
  • Billable items feature which enables adding of entries to bill with future invoices, on future dates or recur on custom cycles for preset time periods
  • Ability to force the generation of an invoice for a products renewal due outside of the invoice date range
  • Refund entry ability for all invoices regardless of whether the gateway module supports it with option to run gateway module automation if available
  • Modified invoices to support multi-line item descriptions
  • Listing of configurable option selections on invoices for products
  • New Collections status for invoices to differentiate from unpaid stats
  • New promotion options to allow once per customer and only for new users promos
  • Upgrade & domain renewal orders will now also use the order days grace setting for their invoices
  • Separation of Setup Fees onto their own line items for new order invoices
  • Update to product cancellation request auto processing to also cancel any related addons
  • Enhanced admin order process to show custom field & configurable option values for selected product during order removing the extra step to configure later
  • Ability to add a transaction where payment amount applies to multiple invoices
  • Enhancements to prorata calculations to support charge next month usage to dates mid month
  • Ability to add predefined products to quotes
  • Optional VAT Number Validation Action Hook for verifying supplied VAT number is valid and setting tax exempt status on client for order




  • Ability to setup and assign clients to groups which differentiate clients in lists and allow applying of blanket discounts to all orders by users of that group and to override auto suspensions/terminations
  • Modified client area product details to show custom field values by default
  • Option to skip fraud check for existing clients with an already active order thereby always allowing additional orders through
  • Modified client area my details change notification to include custom fields




  • Support Ticket Escalation Rules
  • Ability to generate an invoice or add a billing item when replying to a support ticket in order to bill for work carried out
  • Support for multiple attachments per support ticket reply
  • Updated email piping to handle multiple to addresses
  • Added network issues rss feed of open issues
  • Ability to assign knowledgebase articles to multiple categories
  • Added “quote reply” option to support tickets view page
  • Improvements to the usability & GUI of the Admin Ticket View/Reply Page




  • Admin area templated header/footer with ability to set template per admin
  • Recoding of entire admin area HTML to use CSS styling
  • New default admin area template in addition to existing design which remains available
  • Listing of valid quotes added to client summary page and new client profile tab for viewing all the users quotes
  • New API functions to manage quotes & orders
  • Moved PDF invoice template to templates folder to avoid overwriting customisations when upgrading
  • Added logging of the to, cc & bcc recipients of email messages
  • Modified invoice & ticket statuses to use CSS for font colors
  • New and improved action hook functionality with more hook points and flexibility for distributing hooks as independent files
  • Ability to set minimum & maximum length restrictions per TLD to override the defaults which only exist for common TLDs
  • Ability to duplicate a configurable options group
  • Ability to set a regular expression validation rule for custom fields




  • Batch PDF invoice download generator with criteria of client, date range & status
  • Enhancements to graphing engine to support multiple datasets on a single graph
  • Updated sales tax report date selection to use min/max year from DB rather than fixed range

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  • Added cPanel module setting to setup ns1 & ns2 nameservers for reseller accounts automatically
  • Added returning of related addons in licensing module verification call
  • Added EPP Code Retrieval to OpenSRS & ResellOne Registrar Modules
  • Added Refund ability to eWay gateway
  • Update to cPanel configurable package addon to support automated upgrades & downgrades of options
  • Enhanced HyperVM module to retrieve IP during setup and store into a custom field for use in email templates and client area display
  • Update to LogicBoxes modules to handle new password requirements automatically
  • Added OverideOrder setting to Enom module to prevent submitting duplicate renewals within a 24 hour period
  • Added domain sync script for the Nominet module
  • Added update to CentovaCast module from CentovaCast Inc.
  • Calculation of fees for Google Checkout transactions
  • Added passing of WHOIS opt-out setting to Enom module
  • Various additions & updates to whois servers list
  • Added setting to cpanel module to allow auto prefixing of server username to packages allowing automation across multiple reseller account servers using the same packages
  • Added VirtualMin server module
  • Added Reseller IP choice setting to DirectAdmin module
  • Added Camtech payment gateway module
  • Added SecurePay AU payment gateway module
  • Added Authorize.net Echeck Gateway module
  • Added update to registrar module provided by Realtime Register (formerly named 12Register)
  • Enhanced PayPal module to include additional products, addons & domains in recurring subscription amount
  • Setting to enable using modify subscription setting in PayPal links
  • Added MD5 hash verification to Quantum Gateway callback
  • Auto release module included by default for auto activation of products with no module




  • Added security questions to allow proving identity of client accounts
  • Modified password reminder function to ask security question if set
  • Converted client passwords to MD5 irreversible hashed values
  • Added password strength testing to all client area password fields with the ability to set a minimum required level for acceptance
  • Activity log entry whenever an admin requests to view a decrypted card number
  • Added IP access restriction to API calls




  • Auto linking to related items in activity log to allow instant clickthrough access
  • Added maintenance mode option to close access to the client area and specify a message to display so only admins can access
  • Added presales contact form destination settings to configuration so you can now define an email the messages should go to or choose a support department instead
  • Added bulk accept/cancel buttons to admins order list
  • Added European DD.MM.YYYY Date Format support
  • IP Monitor subject modified to include state up or down
  • Updated PHPMailer class to latest version and added support for SSL SMTP connections which enables the use of Gmail for mail sending
  • Custom field email merge fields will now include the ability to reference admin only fields
  • Modified convert to invoice function for quotes to not send the invoice created email automatically
  • Added mass mail option to ensure no more than 1 email goes out to a client even if they have multiple products/domains matching the selected criteria
  • Ability to disable rich text editor when composing email messages
  • Option to disable client dropdown that now applies to all areas (for when a large client list that slows loading)


Bug fixes


  • Licensing module returning custom fields relating to wrong item
  • Prevented resend email function including previous emails CSS formatting which was causing a smarty error
  • Tax names not showing in Quote PDF files
  • Tax rounding where amount could be off by 0.01 in some cases
  • Default template homepage not using language file variable for Shopping Cart
  • Blank monthly affiliate referrals email report
  • Arabic & other foreign language issues with intelligent search tool
  • Spacing of shopping cart nav links – missing spaces for some
  • Windows IIS header redirect infinite looping issue
  • Delete button for quote line items not deleting
  • Next invoice date not being set when upgrading from a free to paid product and continuous invoice gen enabled
  • Update cart totals button would run validation checks on submitted fields
  • Full country name being passed to gateway on view invoice page rather than country code
  • PHP error msg occurring if no options groups are selected for a product
  • Configurable option group selection not saving if current group is deselected leaving no selected groups
  • Line wrapping in invoices & quotes
  • Quotes not calculating totals correctly with inclusive tax enabled
  • Handling for ResellerCentral API returning HTML code with the IP Address
  • Network issues all showing as affecting clients accounts after first one
  • Promotions usage count incrementing when applied to an order even if no items in that order qualify for it
  • Deleting of configurable options leaving behind client selection DB entries
  • Product upgrade order page was listing products by selection order rather than sort order setting in product config
  • Hide domain locking client area function for .uk domains
  • Update nameservers error in WebNIC module
  • Updated SEO urls to use – instead of _ for spaces

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