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WHMCS V3.7.1 Stable Released

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WHMCS V3.7.1


I am pleased to announce the release of the WHMCS V3.7 Stable Version. Visit our client area @ http://www.whmcs.com/clients to download your copy today.


As usual, we are offering our professional upgrade service for just $12.95. This allows you to upgrade with minimum effort and downtime. To order, visit http://www.whmcs.com/upgradeservice.php


I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has provided suggestions and feedback for WHMCS. All of the new features in this release have been added specifically because of your requests. I'm sure you'll like the improvements! :)



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New Email Templates & Functionality


V3.7 sees the introduction of a feature that will revolutionize your email templates! Well maybe not quite, but it will certainly give you a lot more flexibility! You can now use Smarty tags (just like in the client area templates) in the email templates too, and most importantly, 'IF' statements. IF statements allow you to perform conditional display - in simple terms that means if this value equals X, then do this, otherwise do that. This opens up many possibilities, for example displaying different instructions in invoice emails depending on what payment method a client has selected, displaying different text in a support ticket confirmation email dependant upon which department it was submitted to, displaying different text in welcome emails depending upon the product that was ordered, etc... The possibilities are endless!


Also added is the ability to resend an email which has already been sent to a client. Before re-sending, you can alter the email that was originally sent and add additional email addresses for the message to be copied to.


In addition, there are 2 new email templates - one that is used when a client has an invoice due using a merchant gateway but has no credit card stored on file and another that gets sent when a cancellation request is submitted by a client in the client area which can be used to confirm the client was aware of the submission and entice the customer back with offers or a link to a satisfaction survey.


New Client Options


New options have been added that allow you to disable late fees from being applied to individual clients and override overdue email notices - these are particularly useful for your high volume or longer term customers where you may want to be a bit more flexible on payments. There is also a new action from the summary page allowing you to "Close" a client which will cancel all packages and unpaid invoices in one single click and set the client to closed preventing any further email notifications being sent to them.


Multiple Levels of Taxation


Heavily requested, particularly by our friends from Canada, V3.7 now supports up to two levels of taxation. Those that require it can now setup the 2 different rates they need to charge and the regions they charge them in. The second level can also be set as compound tax. Improvements have also been made that will benefit all users to display the Tax Name the user qualifies for on the invoice (eg. GST/VAT).


Support Ticket Enhancements


The support ticket system has had a number of usability enhancements. These include the addition of a related product/service dropdown menu on the ticket submission page for a logged in client allowing them to select a product or service they have that this ticket relates to. This is then displayed to the admin viewing the ticket providing them the key details of it and a quick link through to the management page. A new default ticket view has also been added for admins of tickets "Awaiting Reply". This displays all tickets that are new or have had a customer-reply since the last admin reply, and excludes those which are set to On Hold or In Progress.


Companies who receive a lot of tickets will know the importance of pre-defined replies both in terms of saving time & resources and so improvements have been made to the process of locating & inserting a predefined reply which now uses Ajax to avoid popups.


Finally, a new email template has been added which gets sent when a ticket is automatically closed by the cron due to inactivity to let the customer know.


Configurable Option Field Types


Another addition to V3.7 is that of field types for configurable options. The new types which add onto the dropdown option which has been offered up until now include Radio Buttons, Yes/No & Quantity Fields. Radio buttons are much like the existing dropdown type but instead of displaying a dropdown of options displays the options all on the page with a radio button to make a selection. The Yes/No option shows a tick box which the user can either turn on or off for a feature. The Quantity type allows you to offer a box where the user can enter a number of an item they want - for example you might use it for asking how many subdomains a customer wants, or how many pages in a website design, etc... It allows you to set a fixed amount per item that is then multiplied up by the number requested by the client.


Income Forecast Report


A new report showing the projected earning over the course of the next 2 year period if all the active accounts in your WHMCS system renew has been created designed to give you an indication of future income at any point in time. It breaks down the income that you will receive by billing cycle and month allowing for you to take into account the renewal rates of different cycles in further calculations.


Promotions Enhancements


Essential to any business is the promotions they can offer to attract new customers. We realise this so V3.7 sees the introduction of some more promo functionality. This includes promotions that can apply to multiple billing cycles, be limited in what domain TLDs & registration periods they can be redeemed against and be applied only once per order or to all items that meet its criteria. There's also a new option for specifying if a coupon can be used by any customer or only by new customers.


Order System Consolidation


The presence of 2 separate order pages has long been a source of confusion for many users. The 2 order systems have been referred to as the legacy single product order system and the cart multiple product order system. The legacy order process hadn't been updated for some time and so was failing behind in terms of both functionality and reliability. For that reason it has now been discontinued. But don't panic! It has been possible for some time to use the cart system in the same way for just a single product ordering without having to confuse customers with a shopping cart and options to continue shopping or add more products. The legacy order form templates of default, boxes and single page have been converted to work with the cart system and so can continue to be used uninterrupted as a single product order process (and with some improvements!).


The admin area has also had an order process revamp making it much quicker and simpler for an admin to add an order and removing the validation so an admin can add exactly what they want - for example a registration order for an already registered domain.


Affiliate System Enhancements


The affiliate system now calculates the commission for a product at the time of payment and therefore will update should a referral upgrade or downgrade their products/services. A withdrawals history has also been added to the affiliates management pages so that you can record when you pay an affiliate and the amount for historical purposes. It will also automatically add the payment out to the transaction list to be used in expenditure calculations.


New Nominet EPP Module


For 3.7, the Nominet module has been updated to use the new EPP integration method. This not only gives greater functionality allowing for registering, renewing, viewing/changing nameservers and viewing/changing WHOIS info on domains you have registered with Nominet but also provides error checking and notification of registration failures which was not possible with the earlier email based system they offered.


A new registrar module for WebNIC has also been created and makes its debut in V3.7.


Intelligent Search on all Admin Pages


The intelligent search feature on the admin homepage which has proved to be very popular since it was first added back in Version 3.5 has been extended in this release to show on the top header bar of nearly all pages of the admin area giving you a quick & easy way to locate exactly what you're looking for.


Server Hostnames


cPanel login links using SSL need to use the server hostname to prevent an SSL Certificate validation error being shown. For that reason, it had been requested that a hostname field is added to server configurations so that the login links could use it to direct the user to. V3.7 sees the introduction of this field and if specified will result in it being used for the login links that are shown in both the admin and client areas.


Client Area List Limits


In the client area, the client can now choose how many items they want to see on a page - it defaults as always to 10, but can be changed to display more or even all the matching items.


And more...


As if all of that wasn't enough, there's all the usual bug fixes, improvements and enhancements to existing features & functionality since the previous release included aswell!


For a full list of new features, changes & bug fixes, see http://dev.whmcs.com/?version=17 & http://dev.whmcs.com/?version=18

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