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I am Looking for WHMCS developers for custom module

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We have a Whmcs with almost 1000 clients and we generate the invoices for our clients at the end of each month but we have a problem with the email sending process.

We are using mailgun SMTP to send emails, since we generate the 1000 invoices  for 1000 clients at the same time , mailgun SMTP or other services provider can not send 1000 emails to clients with invoices at the sometime so some our clients will receive their invoices to their emails and some will not receive anything.

We are looking for someone who can build a module or something to generate invoices at specific date but only 50 invoices or less in minute then generate the other 50 invoices in the next 5 mins etc... till it finishes generating the 1000 invoices so the mail gun will send only 50 emails in each perod.

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Hi! We have been providing quality services of WHMCS custom software development for over a decade. Our team will be more than happy to use this professional competence to create exactly the module you need.

Please get in touch to discuss your project more extensively with our advisors. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Surely a better fix would be to move to a transactional email provider that can cope with more than 50 emails at once?  Or talk to mailgun and see if they can increase rate limits? (maybe introduce a 1 second sleep between emails, etc). Developing a queuing solution for emails might help, but it's a bandaid approach that just makes things more complex, which usually causes issues down the track.

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