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WHMCS 8.6 Update Version Incompatibility

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We updated our WHMCS successfully to v8.6, yet the WHMCS "PHP Version Incompatibility Utility" shows the following files to be incompatible with PHP 8.1.

  • downloads.php
  • above-root directory/whmimport.php

The above two files' "last modified dates' show they're from year 2018.
I downloaded the WHMCS 8.6 Zip file to check these file's dates and found these files have newer dates.

Does this mean, despite WHMCS auto update v8.6 being successful, WHMCS actually did not auto-update correctly?

Also, is it safe for me to delete these old files and replace them with the newer ones manually?

Lastly, whmimport.php is not in the whmcs 8.6 package that I manually downloaded.
As such, it seems this file is from older versions.
Can I delete this file too?

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


Incompatible Encoding.png

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Hi @Mandalorian,

whmimport.php is an old file no longer in-use, and can safely be deleted.

downloads.php is a current file, that it should show incompatible is unusual.

  1. Which version did you update from?
  2. Does your copy of downloads.php have any restrictive permissions or ownership which might prevent a PHP script from overwriting it (eg. owned by root, or CHMOD 400)?

I recommend replacing it with a copy from the 8.6.2 Full Release download from https://download.whmcs.com



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Thanks, John. 

I had updated from the previous version to the current.

The file permission was ok.  I replaced it with a copy from 8.6.2 per your advice and that fixed the problem.


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