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Hello everyone

Hope all are fine. I am facing a really strange issue in my whmcs licensing.

I have installed manually whmcs on a digital ocean VPS.

I have a genuine license key of whmcs.

Everything is installed but when I registering my license key with whmcs it's not registering with my Server IP. 

Not the domain name.

As a result when I go to my admin portal by using the domain name it's showing that license error.

But if I go by IP address then it's working.

I have reissued the license many times still same issue.

I can see valid domain name in there is my IP address not the domain name.

How do I solve this issue?

Can someone help please?





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The license is registered to a domain name, not an IP address. Make sure the IP address resolves to the same domain name you purchased/issued the license for.

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