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Duplicate Charge

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I had a client that was charged twice for one invoice.  Any idea why this would happen?

I dont see any duplicate invoice or transaction in WHMCS, but on his credit card statement there are two charges from 11/02

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Are you sure that both transaction was actually a fully charge? Sometimes, the amount will get reserved and put under "Uncaptured" in Stripe.

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thanks... nope, they were both fully charge in Stripe.  I was on an older version of WHMCS and just upgraded the the latest. maybe there was a bug?

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Stripe module is maintained by WHMCS. You can check the change logs to see any relevant bug fix.

If issue persists, you should contact support with Stripe gateway logs.

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Also check the gateway log in WHMCS. It will show if the payment request was made more than once. 

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