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WHMCS and their customer support

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I'm really sorry to say this but I absolutely hate having to contact WHMCS customer support. I hate it so much that I often postpone it for weeks.
I've had some cases where the staff member provided me with superb support but I've also had terrible experiences. And a lot of them.

More often than not when I'm reporting a bug, I have to convince multiple staff members (usually Tier 1) that this specific case is easily reproducible and actually is a bug, until the ticket is escalated and a new staff member confirms the bug.
When the bug report is finally confirmed, nothing happens. One of the latest bugs I reported was that the SSL status on the product list page doesn't work for IDNs, and usage statistics isn't updated for IDNs either. I reported that bug back in the beginning of May 2022 (5 months ago), and nothing has happened - multiple versions of WHMCS has been released but nothing has been done to fix the bugs. Fixing the SSL status issue should be so effing simple since the SSL status works on the domain lists - it should be as simple as to replace the broken function with the working one.

We've also had one case (maybe multiple?) where WHMCS staff needed access to our WHMCS installation to troubleshoot an issue, and while investigating, the WHMCS staff had transferred files to debug stuff, without cleaning up at all. One of the files was called "pma.php" and was a copy of Adminer - an alternative to phpMyAdmin... Despite the fact that we already had given them access to our installation of phpMyAdmin through cPanel.
If that doesn't sound weird, then listen to this: It was a version of Adminer that had known exploits. And they left it publicly available. Their excuse was that we never provided a cPanel login but we could see logins to cPanel from the same IP that accessed our WHMCS installation when they were troubleshooting.


It's mostly how customer support deals with bug reports that's annoying me. It would really help out a lot if WHMCS had a public list of reported bugs (although security issues should not be disclosed before fixed) and that you could sign up for notifications when a bug was fixed. I hate having to look through each changelog and copy/paste our list of bug IDs just to see that nothing has been fixed.

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