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Lara Session rePlayer Beta, session recorder for any WHMCS client area theme!

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Today we are pleased to announce Lara Session rePlayer (beta) for WHMCS !

Have you ever wondered what experience your clients receive when visiting your website ?!, what errors do they face ?!, how do they navigate your website ?!

All these questions and more can now be answered, as this plugin will allow you to record and re-play their entire session, as if you were sitting with them while they navigate your website !

See what confuses them, what attracts their attention and much much more.

To make that happen, we blended the power of rrweb opensource recording software and WHMCS, and the Lara Session rePlayer was born.

The plugin comes with a lot of exciting features, including but not limited to  :

  • Works with any WHMCS client theme.
  • Complete logging of errors and debug events.
  • Record all sessions or limit the number of recording per day (to save disk space).
  • The ability to limit recording size and length (to save disk space).
  • Fully automated clean-up system, to delete old recordings (to save disk space).
  • EU GDPR compliance, by only recording sessions after a consent cookie is set by the user (i.e., after accepting your website's cookie and privacy policy).
  • All recorded sessions will be stored locally on your server, so no user data will be shared with 3rd parties.
  • The ability to mask all inputs, to protect users' privacy.
  • The ability to ignore recording certain input fields by type, name, class or id.
  • Testing mode, where only sessions by logged in admins will be recorded.

We are in a closed beta stage, currently testing the plugin and getting feedback from selected beta testers, before releasing the final version.

We welcome any feedback or feature request, to make Lara Session rePlayer the one stop solution for recording WHMCS sessions.

If you would like to join our beta testers, please open a support ticket at : https://clients.xtraorbit.com/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2&subject=Lara-Session-rePlayer-Beta-Tester

The beta tester program is only available to our current active customers. If you don't currently have an active account with us, feel free to post your feedback or feature request in this post.


You may watch the demo video of the plugin here :


Main Screen :



Settings Page :


Have a lovely day !


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      Thank you
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