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display hostname on Admin Invoices.php and clientsinvoices.php page

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Hi, guys.

I have 2 requirement need to be resolved.  I can pay for this via paypal or buymeacoffee.com or your website , not too much . 

If any one can do this , please send email to me : advvweb@gmail.com  , below is the deteals

1 .  I hope to display the dedicated ip or hostname to the admin area /inovices.php page .  Means add a column , named hostname or dedicated ip .  hope the hook AdminAreaHeaderOutput  can be used for this  or any other ways can  do this.  

2.  I hope to display the dedicated ip or hostname to the admin area /clientsinvoices.php .   Means add a column , named hostname or dedicated ip . hope also can use the hook to do this or any other ways can solve this  . 

I use PS to do a photo show the design like this



For anyone can help me or related , thanks very a lot . And appreciate for your help. 

the two links maybe help : 


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HI We can do the customisation for you. Please contact us here for WHMCS custom development. 

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Thanks for all of your reply . I will submit ticket on your websites to confirm . 

if anyone other have this service , please also let me know .thanks.


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this still not been resolved . because of the price are all more than $100 . 

do you think this is value more than $100 to do it ? 

if there are any one can do this below $50 , please send me a email . thanks. 

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How does IP Address relate to an INVOICE (which can have an infinite number of services/domains/etc on it ?


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On 6/13/2022 at 5:49 PM, othellotech said:

How does IP Address relate to an INVOICE (which can have an infinite number of services/domains/etc on it ?

Depending on configuration, some users may have enabled "Separate Invoices for Services". This doesn't make your point invalid, but lends itself to the possibility of unique product per invoice and relationship.

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    • By Ioshf.a
      Hello WHMCS community,
      I need to assign values via the url parameters that come from my corporate website's order form to the input fields found in the configureproduct.tpl, in whmcs portal.
      Currently, all values are carried over from my corporate site to my whmcs portal except for the input fields of hostname, ns1 prefix and ns2 prefix.
      Now, I can see  through the dev tools that the fields of hostname, ns1 and ns2 have their values assigned in the url parameters as the rest of the values that are carried over that refer to configoption ids:
      From my corporate site:

      the url parameters sent to WHMCS portal:

      In addition, I customized the hostname input field to have a value auto-assigned based on $smarty.now|date_format:'%Y%m%d%H%M%S' whenever the input submitted (through the url parameter or not) to the said field is null.
      My approach on this in regards to configureproduct.tpl can be seen in the following lines for the input field of hostname:
      <input type="text" name="hostname" class="form-control" id="inputHostname" value="{if empty($smarty.get.hostname)}VL{$smarty.now|date_format:'%Y%m%d%H%M%S'}{else}{$smarty.get.hostname}{/if}"> Unfortunately, Smarty insists on acknowledging the URL parameters of those three input fields as null or empty. 
      And thus, I get the following result in WHMCS portal:

      Ι have also tried implementing these through $smarty.get.variablename, $smarty.request.variablename as well as by assigning the values  via the following script:
      {assign var="hostname" value="{$smarty.get.hostname}"} {assign var="ns1prefix" value="{$smarty.get.ns1prefix}"} {assign var="ns2prefix" value="{$smarty.get.ns2prefix}"} Any aid you can provide on this will be much appreciated.
      Kind regards,
    • By vpshove
      So far I've hooked dedicated ip from tblhosting to viewinvoice.tpl and is assigned to paid services accordingly.

      What I'm trying to figure out :
      -> To show dedicated ip assigned in WHMCS Billing for -> Where you can view dedicated ip in the description as well. ( To help our billing member search for dedicated ip to be cancelled at ease by looking at customer's invoice items in WHMCS->Billing)
      For example :

      What is in my mind :
      How do I query the database tblhosting [dedicatedip] into WHMC->Billing->Invoices->Any customer's Invoice id description as shown above ?
      As far as I know, WHMCS admin .php file is encoded where we do not able to edit.
      Hopefully and I believe there is a way to append to show the dedicated ip !
    • By Hannan
      Hi Guys,
      When a client uses a none standard hostname during an order and uses any special character or space in the hostname then is breaking our auto-provisioning module so the VPS is not creating. So we have to manually review the order and change the hostname. I was wondering how we can add a custom code to fix this issue?
      1. Code to automatically removes the space and special characters.
      2. Not letting the customer pass the page and gives him/her an error to fix it
      What do you think?
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