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why whmcs discards good ideas?


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whmcs dismisses the best ideas?

for developers trying to create a better ecosystem for whmcs "they discard the best ideas"

to get into context, some time ago while working with the whmcs API, I noticed that whmcs does not allow including "custom files within /includes/api"

I'll leave a link on what I had to do to achieve it: 

which is absurd if you think about it.

if they allowed to include files (within the api roles) they would allow other developers to join the project and add new functions that WHMCS does not yet have.

now I take it that someone posted the exact same question but it was discarded:  https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/custom-api-support

it is very obnoxious that the WHMCS team does not allow one to create their own api functions.

it is unfortunate that they do not listen to users.

It is unfortunate that the vision of whmcs is not to allow the use of its software as a means of administration, but that we generate our own functions for our projects (in the case of my company, a laravel project).

I wonder if the WHMCS team really listens to users.

I wonder if they ever have ...

I am very disappointed that whmcs does not allow the newly added files to appear in the api folder as shown in these images:






as you can see from the images, we are unable to assign the role of the new file.

instead I had to modify the table: tblapi_roles within my database directly to manually give the file permissions.


If an admin reads this topic, please understand that I am looking for WHMCS to be used more by developers.

Currently we live very limited, the documentation and all the files written in / includes/api lack many features that we developers could include.

We could provide more external functionalities. and we would have the ability to develop our own characteristics.

this would open the doors much more for new customers to join in purchasing whmcs licenses.

In addition to increasing sales of whmcs, it would also allow the possibility of writing our own characteristics, developing new modules that we would publish in the marketplace ecosystem, increasing the number of modules and characteristics that WHMCS currently has.

I hope this topic has relevance to both whmcs and external developers.

my point of view is that if they allow "Role Management" to detect the files included in /includes/api as roles. (similar to how it works when we add modules and plugins that automatically appear in the whmcs module manager). it would open new doors for developers.

I am sure that this functionality could be done with a few lines and in a short time. as a developer I know that this would not take too much work.

I hope they understand me. my english is not very good. 🙂


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