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Invoice according to EU rules

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Hi friends,

I tried to find an invoice template that would meet EU regulations. I didn't find it, maybe I'm looking wrong.
According to EU rules, the type and amount of VAT must be specified for each item.
I give an example of what an invoice should look like in the attachment.

Can anyone solve this problem? Or do you know of a teplat that would meet these rules?

Black texts: are firmly in the template
Green texts: data generated from WHMCS

Because I use the Czech language, the Czech names of the items are listed in the template

I gave an example of generating products on an invoice.

I am willing to evaluate the help financially. I need to change both the HTML and PDF invoice.


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15 hours ago, Fany said:

According to EU rules, the type and amount of VAT must be specified for each item.

I think this should be a Czech rule: in many European countries it's not so...

Even more: calculating the VAT for each row and then just summing it may cause rounding issues...

But it's true that i.e. in Italy you should expose the VAT % for each row...

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According to EU rules, the type and amount of VAT must be specified for each item.

That's not an EU rule. 

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The EU requires VAT to be broken down, so that prices can be stated WITH and WITHOUT VAT if we are a VAT payer.

It is quite surprising that WHMCS is no longer ready for this and does not have invoice templates for VAT payers ready.

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That isn't my interpretation which is the breakdown is only required if the invoice covers products or services with different VAT rates - although I dont want to enter into a debate on that
There may be national requirements in certain countries that do require this breakdown and I have seen this requested a number of times on here - it wouldn't be difficult for WHMCS to implement however that would require them to listen to their customers and fix bugs or provide requested features rather than focussing their efforts on adding more 3rd party services to try to sell to us ...
There are some invoice related addons in Marketplace which may meet your requirements but I haven't used any myself so cant comment on the quality or support.

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7 hours ago, Fany said:

The EU requires VAT to be broken down, so that prices can be stated WITH and WITHOUT VAT if we are a VAT payer.

No, the EU does not require this. But please do correct me if I am wrong (with a source please).

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