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Coinbase Commerce Gateway

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I have a need to accept BTC in my WHMCS instance.  I'm currently setup with Coinbase Commerce and would like to have this integrate with WHMCS.  I've searched the Market Place and didn't find anything that appeared to be consistently maintained and/or current with updates.  With that said, I thought it would be a fun to try and create this gateway myself.  I am a true novice but do have some ability to read and decipher code.

Looking at Developer Documentation and reviewing GitHub -- is there anyone that can help point me to the correct sample gateway module I could use?  Also, any other tips or suggestions is appreciated.

Thank you.

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Just a quick bit of info, We did make a coinbase gateway a while back, Then moved to coinpayments - It's far beyond what coinbase offer! When I get back to the office next week I will see if much has change from our early days approach, I would imagine so, if it is adaptable I will send it over. However, We're moving away from WHMCS so I won't be spending any time to make anything work with WHMCS! 

Seriously, unless you have good reason for coinbase - Give coinpayments a go! We hadn't heard of it before we gave it a go and was impressed! We accept ~60 coins and simply convert them to our favourite 4 automatically upon receiving! I wish I hadn't pulled my hair out over coinbase originally lol 

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