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Seedbox system Build

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I'm hoping someone would be interested in building a Seedbox system that can be installed and used on a WHMCS site. I'm looking for a complete build so any scripts needed etc would have to be done by the devs and it all working 'out of the box' as they say, I'm not looking for someone to do parts to a setup/script I would have to do. I have reached out to a couple of companies I have seen on here but not having much luck but I am gratefull to the 2 that actually replied, but I'm struggling with some of the questions they have as I don't know or understand how WHMCS modules work so this is why I'm looking for a complete build, all setup etc.

Here are some of the requirements for the project I have written out, to give you a good idea of what I am looking for......

Admin Side:
1) Needs to create a shared seedbox on a server with available space,
2) A Section to be able to add the servers, retains the SSH details for the root owner.
3) Set Hard drive space for each product from 250GB to 10TB
4) Set Bandwidth allowance for each product from 100GB (in-out) to unlimited (in-out)
5) Create SSH account (chmoded so other users won't have access to homedir) when product is ordered
6) Select which apps can be installed depending on product ordered.
7) Able to setup a dedicated seedbox
😎 Able to add servers are set them for dedicated seedboxes orders only

When client orders
1) Create ruTorrent+rtorrent & deluge account
2) Create OpenVPN account details
3) Create FTP & FTPS + SSH & SFTP account details
4) Create Client Control Panel & Login details
5) Create VNC server account

Control panel:
1. Installable apps such as Plex, Sickbeard etc (full list to be set)
2. Monitor traffic usage (Daily, monthly & total usage)
3. Stop/Start/Restart rtorrent
4) Stop/Start/Restart VNC
5) Stop/Start/Restart Deluge
6) Show Hard drive usage (Example: 93.66 GB USED out of 7831 GB TOTAL)
7) Show Service Status (showing which apps are installed and working)
😎 Allow Client to restart server (dedicated seedboxes only)
9) Offer Filezilla, VPN config files for download with customer details only.
10) Install Plex Server as a separate add-on (if offered on purchased product)

I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in the job.

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Hi Fringe,

We will be very happy to assist you with this project.

Please contact us for any WHMCS development  at https://www.whmcsservices.com/customwhmcs.php

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@wsa I contacted you via your site on the 06/07/2021 asking if this is something you would quote, I even msg'ed again on the 12/07/2021 but you never answered, all that happened was the request was put 'On Hold'. The Ticket is #2021-2652 so I'm confused why you posted in here telling me to contact you when I did this almost 2 weeks ago.

@ModulesGarden have sent the requirement and you have responded.

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