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Dave S

Looking for professional customization

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I'm looking to see if WHMCS can be customized to work for my business- I'm an ISP and offer internet, digital phone & IPTV service.  In total there would be about 40 or so different recurring products, as well as one time charges for installs, equipment /shipping etc.  A manual invoice is typically done when a customer first signs up, and is then recurring from there.  On top of professional installation and setup, I would also need the following: 

- Moneris credit card processing

- Processing and billing Call Details Records- Text files of long distance calls that would require a table within the system and the monthly records would be uploaded and the system would have to assign them to their respective customers based on the phone number, and bill according to the rate table

- For customers paying by pre-authorized debit, would need to be able to generate a text file in a specific format to upload to my processor

- My billing period is always in advance, from the 1st to the 31st of the month; however my primary billing day is the 23rd. So for example on Feb. 23rd I bill for Mar 1 - 31. There is also a second bill run on the 1st of the month, again for the 1st -31st of that month.

- Billing day of the 1st which bills for the same period, for different customers. So 99% of customers would need to be invoiced on the 23rd, and the rest on the 1st

- Text fields to track specific equipment for each customer within their subscription

- Ability to do referral discounts that last 6 months (Deduct $5 per month for 6 months)

- Migrating customer data and subscriptions over from Smartbilling

- Main bill run is on the 23rd, about 3500 invoices and credit cards are run on the 24th

I currently have about 3500 customers, increasing every month.  Customers can have 1 or all 3 different products on their account.  I want to make sure that the system can handle that kind of volume.

Can WHMCS be customized to this level?  Some things I can possibly work around some can't be done.



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Hi Dave,

Good news! All your requirements seem possible to be fulfilled through custom development. Let's brainstorm this project some further - using this short form will get you in direct contact with our advisors for precise technical guidance.

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As per my understanding you need to create a subscription plan for user based on your suggestion and requirement WHMCS is not able to full fill our requirement.

The best possible solutions is we can use some open source frame-work to achive your goal in better way.

Can you please let us know if you can discuss your idea in detail on call or skype so that we can suggest you best solution.

Looking forward to your response !


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