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Looking for assistance with WHMCS & TCAdmin

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I hope this is the correct area to post this question!

I am looking for guidance when setting up game server products in WHMCS, I want the customer to be able to select how much ram and disk space they want when ordering. I’ve tried to read the TCAdmin docs, I’ve spent hours trying to learn by myself and using the docs but I keep coming up short. 

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Maybe I’m missing something simple; but from where I’m standing right now it seems like a very complex thing to do...



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Hello there,

You can create product configuration with slider type and assign to product so that user can select ram and disk space on their own.

Hope this will help!

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      This is curious.  I could say my WHMCS   committed suicide.  These things should not happen. My production environment just disappear in 1 second with no chances to stop it. I am trying to keep calm since my WHMCS make a backup everyday and send  it to my personal email, and also I was using remote storage amazon S3.   I'm crossing my fingers to solve everything soon.
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