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Get the email of the account owner.

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sometimes the client can have 2 emails.

one for your account details and one for the account owner.

I need to know if the account owner's email is verified.

The var: 

$client = Menu::context("client");

gets the email that the customer has in the account details, however this is not the email owner of the account.

I hope to make myself understood correctly.


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14 hours ago, JesusSuarz said:

sometimes the client can have 2 emails.

one for your account details and one for the account owner.

if I was being picky, that's the client having one email address, and the user having another... not the client having two. 🙂

14 hours ago, JesusSuarz said:

I need to know if the account owner's email is verified.

if you want to do it with client context (using ContactUser authentication would be another option - or even capsule), then this would be an option...

	$client = Menu::context("client");
	$clientowner = $client->owner();
	$useremail = $clientowner->email;
	$verifiedemail = $clientowner->emailVerifiedAt;
	if(!is_null($verifiedemail)) {
		$verifydate = $verifiedemail->toDateString(); 

$verifiedemail is boolean - so if it's NULL, then the user's email address hasn't been verified... if it has been, then $verifydate will contain a Carbon date of when it occurred.

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