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Text not translated

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In header.tpl (twenty-one) following has no language string.

<span class="input-group-text">Logged in as:</span>

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And same template /includes/domain-search.tpl

<a href="{routePath('domain-pricing')}" class="btn btn-link btn-sm float-right">View all pricing</a>

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    • By Beekingo
      I found that in login.tpl, line 55 here is something hard-coded and is not translatable.
      <small>Not registered?</small> I changed it to my own-made string.
      <small>{lang key='userLogin.notRegistered'}</small> and added this to my lang override files.
      $_LANG['userLogin']['notRegistered'] = "¿No estás registrado?"; Cheers.
    • By xyzulu
      Seeing as WHMCS don't have a list of the bugs they have had reported and are working on, I thought I'd create this thread to track the current 8.1 GA bugs. If you find any, please let me know and I will edit this post to add them (hopefully I have enough permission to do so). Below is the list of ones I am aware of:
      CORE-16022 double validation warning password reset page: https://whmcs.community/topic/304324-twenty-one-template-minor-tweaks/?do=findComment&comment=1346483 CORE-16025 twenty one theme hard coded strings: Twenty one theme hard-coded string - WHMCS 8.1 Beta Discussion Board - WHMCS.Community CORE-16026  client email history missing: https://whmcs.community/topic/304324-twenty-one-template-minor-tweaks/?do=findComment&comment=1346510 (this might be a showstopper for you)  
      PS WHMCS staff you are welcome to edit this post of mine to add any other bugs currently being worked on if you like.
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