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Quotes to the To Do List

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Is there a way to put Quotes on a To Do List assigned to a support role or person? Other than a manual process. 


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You could use a quote hook, like QuoteCreated and then add to the to do.  Though I believe that would require a direct database change as don't see / know of an API that will do it. 

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On 12/30/2020 at 1:31 PM, steven99 said:

You could use a quote hook, like QuoteCreated and then add to the to do.  Though I believe that would require a direct database change as don't see / know of an API that will do it. 

Thanks, I though there might be an assign check box or mechanism to assign quotes to a support person.

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This feature does not exist in WHMCS but can be implemented. You can automatically assign each quote to the person who created it using sessions and an action hook.

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