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[Request] Hook to auto add/remove client group when service is active/finished

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Hello again!

The title says everything. I found a hook on github but it's not working so I'm here to ask for help 😊

I hope this topic help a lot of people.

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    • By ramf
      Can someone please help me with this hook? 
      It was created by @brian!  and appeared here- but sadly he can't help me. 
      Since I'm selling mostly one time products - I have lots of inactive clients and I want to be able to find them easily without the hassle of  changing the search toggle.
      There it this feature request  that was opened 2 years ago to make the hide inactive clients optional (please vote) - but until this happens I have no choice but to use this hook:
      <?php add_hook('AdminAreaHeadOutput', 1, function($vars) { if ($vars['filename'] == 'clients' OR in_array($vars['pagetitle'], array(AdminLang::trans('services.title'), AdminLang::trans('services.listaddons'), AdminLang::trans('services.listdomains')))) { $autoPost = <<<HTML if ($('input#checkboxShowHidden').is(':checked')) { $('body').addClass('hidden'); $('#checkboxShowHidden').click(); } HTML; } return <<<HTML <script> $(document).on('ready', function() { if ($('input#intelliSearchHideInactiveSwitch').is(':checked')) { $('#intelliSearchHideInactiveSwitch').click(); } {$autoPost} }) </script> HTML; }); The problem with this one is that the search bar is always opened with this error - in every page loading:
      So even If i'm not clicking on the search field - the search bar is opened with this message.
      Can someone help me figure out what should be changed in this hook file so it will not open the search bar automatically - but when we do search we will see the inactive clients alongside the active onse?

    • By Eldremor
      Hello, is there anyway via hook or modifying the php to add images before X configurable option name?
    • By JesusSuarz
      sometimes the client can have 2 emails.
      one for your account details and one for the account owner.
      I need to know if the account owner's email is verified.
      The var: 
      $client = Menu::context("client"); gets the email that the customer has in the account details, however this is not the email owner of the account.
      I hope to make myself understood correctly.
    • By karlfrankeser
      I am new to this community!
      I am setting up a hook that allows me to pass new client data to Zapier in order to update our Marketing automation software.
      This is the code I have been testing now:
      add_hook('ClientAdd', 1, function ($vars) { $userid = $vars['userid']; $firstname = $vars['firstname']; $lastname = $vars['lastname']; $email = $vars['email']; $phone = $vars['phonenumber']; $city = $vars['city']; $country = $vars['country']; $postcode = $vars['postcode']; $company = $vars['companyname']; $state = $vars['state']; $params = '?userid='.$userid.'&firstname='.$firstname.'&lastname='.$lastname.'&email='.$email.'&phonenumber='.$phone.'&city='.$city.'&country='.$country.'&postcode='.$postcode.'&companyname='.$company.'&state='.$state.'&source=WHMCS'; $url = 'https://hooks.zapier.com/hooks/catch/zzz/rrrr/'.$params; $options = array( 'CURLOPT_POST' => 0 ); $response = curlCall($url,$postfields,$options); logActivity('logged addClient with params: ' . $params . 'following is the result: ' . $request, $userid); }); I also tried to send this via file_get_contents but it does not seem to work, by composing the url together with real world values gotten from the LOG in the admin area the request works on Zapier's end, I suppose that the problem lies within WHMCS and the request. The Zapier request has been altered for privacy reasons.
      Can anyone point me in the right direction?
    • By Eldremor
      I think the title already say everything. I've been searching on forums, github and other places but I didn't found anything that is working. Can someone help me?
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