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whmcs 8.0.4 cron job issue

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I noticed that since I updated my whmcs to 8.0.4, my cron job has not been working effectively. It's scheduled to run every 5 minutes but its been running every 24 hours. It's as if there is a script in the cron.php that is making it run every 24 hours but I don't know which and what. I'll appreciate any help

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    • By Remitur
      WHMCS has a "Maintenance mode" option, that will prevent your customers from accessing the Client Area and display the Maintenance Mode Message (or redirect to another URL, if you enter a Maintenance Mode Redirect URL.
      This option is very useful anytime you need to do maintenance, that's to say:
      update of WHMCS core update or install of add-on modules, or Registrars module, or whatsoever full system backup because it prevents the danger of issues if you're uploading new parts of code, and in the meanwhile a customer makes some kind of operation that requires that very same code...
      But the Maintenance mode of WHMCS does not stop cron jobs, that are going on running during your maintenance activity.
      This is no good, because the running of cron jobs during maintenance may cause issues too.
      To stop cron jobs during maintenance you can use related CLI commands in SSH, or use the related management function available in your control panel: but this way is annoying, time-consuming and far from being error-proof.
      There's another way to temporarily stop cron jobs: simply rename your /crons directory (i.e. renaming it as /cronsSTOPPED )
      This will prevent any WHMCS cron job from running during your maintenance; after the end of maintenance activity, simply rename back tour directory /cronsSTOPPED to /crons, and everything will run fine again.
      (ref:  https://domainregister.international/index.php/knowledgebase/664/WHMCS-Maintenance-Mode-and-Cron-Jobs.html )
    • By Marcell

      As far as I know the pricing in the domains are not updated automatically via cron, you have to update it each time automatically. 

      Does WHMCS have any option to do so via cron or any special way?

    • By Nelson Neoh
      Hi there.
      After a long search in Google and this community, I didn't really able to find a clue on how to handle this, if there is a product which upgrade will incurs a full charge, rather than default prorated charge in WHMCS.  Do you guys has any hints or workaround?
      Here's the full list of issues I am experiencing now, hope will get any help from you here.  Thanks in advance.
      1. What's the proper procedures to take, if there is a product/service renewal or upgrade will incurs a full charge rather than prorated according to remaining days?
      2. When a product/service renewed (recurring auto CC charged or invoice paid), which hook or function in Addons/Provisions can use to trigger follow up actions?  Like post an API request to principle for such renewal action.
      3. When a Renewal button being click, either on Admin/Client Panel, it will triggers invoice and charge directly on client deposited funds if sufficient fund available.  Which localAPI should I call?
      4. I noticed if the Product/Service being created with recurring terms, for example monthly or annually, it will automatically triggered an invoice by WHMCS cron.  Wish to know if there is sufficient fund in client account, will the cron direct credited its balance and send a paid invoice?  Which hook should I use if the invoice send is a paid invoice?
      Best Regards,
    • By spirog
      How do I turn off these emails or stop this actual cron from running I get email every 4-6 hours. But I’m not using the domain sync 
      Domain Synchronisation Cron Report for 03-06-2021 16:35:02

      Active Domain Syncs
      is there a way to turn this off or somehow to stop receiving these emails. I’m just using whmcs for now for support and service products. Installations of a script and server setups etc. not selling domains or hosting 
      thanks for any advice how to stop the emails and or this specific cron from running 
      kind regards 
    • By mf70
      hello everyone
      i have 2 error in cron what should i do ?

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