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Grace Period Stopped working

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When WHMCS first introduced the grace period fee for expired domains I configured this for some extensions and it worked fine for months.

But I have noticed that after I upgraded to the latest version 7 release, for months now this is not working anymore. I can't even remember how long its is since I saw this working. Domains go into Expired Status directly and not Grace Period Expired like in the past. I checked the domains pricing and fee and days are set for those extensions.

Does someone suffer from something similar?

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32 minutes ago, brian! said:

I assume that it's still in enabled in general settings ?

Yes the settings are still enabled. When this was first introduced it worked fine. The fee was added to the existing invoice (if a renewal invoice existed) or if the customer tried to renew manually, since the domain status was set on Grace Period Expired , the fee was added to the new renewal invoice they generated manually. I don't know which update broke this, but the status is not updated on expired domains anymore to that setting.They just are stuck on Expired and I need to change them manually. No grace period fees are added anymore and customers can renew once expired as normal.

I suspect this is something related to the cron that is not properly setting the status. It seems them to Expired instead of Grace Period (Expired). I don't think the Redemption Period expired is working either since I see domains on the Expired status which are way past redemption as well. It seems both of those settings don't work anymore for my installation. I checked the domain settings and the days are also set for both settings, yet WHMCS does not do anything once those days have passed.

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This is much worse than I imagined initially. I noticed that domains I set manually to Redemption Expired are now reset back to just Expired status.

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