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Invoice template customization.

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I am trying to customize viewinvoice.tpl I have almost finished customization but I have stuck in adding qty and item price of product and configurable options. I have attached screenshot of what i want to achieve.

invoice .png

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On 18/10/2020 at 15:22, code47 said:

I am trying to customize viewinvoice.tpl I have almost finished customization but I have stuck in adding qty and item price of product and configurable options. I have attached screenshot of what i want to achieve.

WHMCS wouldn't store quantity as a separate value - it would have to be calculated.

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15 hours ago, brian! said:

WHMCS wouldn't store quantity as a separate value - it would have to be calculated.

Yes I know that WHMCS wouldn't store quantity as a seperate value but is there any way by which we can use database helper in viewinvoice.tpl so we can can count the number of times product was stored in invoiceitems table in database. 

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      Hi, i live in Romania and in our country is mandatory to have the total of the invoice in the local currency also for example if the total is 5 Euro, to display under the currency in RON also.
      Plz help me configure this invoice so i can start my buissnes.
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      Known changes made last year:
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      - Upgraded to php73 (from ea-php56 to ea-php73) of Apache + (Cloudlinux Uninstalled)
      - Updated CronJob accordingly for php73
      [Note: I've also removed all custom hooks made to see if it is the causes, it doesn't seems like it]
      [Current version of WHMCS: 8.1.3 (Manual Update)]
      Modules Extension used:
      1. ASPnix License Manager
      2. Braintree Advacne Fraud Helper
      3. Braintree Transaction Lookup
      4. EunaRede Core (GA Ecommerce Tracking)
      Thank you. I try my best to give more details if needed.
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